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  1. Hi, I have been playing C.A.T.S for almost a year now and really like it. Since it is a new game, there are always things that can be done to improve user experience and make the game more fun. I'd like to make a suggestion for gangs specifically. While we have always had regular gang fights, a score tracker was added to the list of gang members so that it would be easy to see who is participating in gang fights, and who isnt. For gangs who like to take it seriously earning larger gang boxes, that feature is imperative to the leader. I love that feature. However, with the introduction to City of Kings, this adds a new requirement in the gang, at least for those who want to win the City of King rounds and earn more ultimate parts. The only problematic thing is that it is nearly impossible to keep track of who is and inst participating in City of Kings. Unless the leader, or other members check the "defenders" constantly, one would never know who is participating. Members who attacked and successfully conquered a space could instantly be attacked and destroyed. If the leader or other members don't see this, their participation would be unknown. To make this easier, I pose you make a leaderboard for gangs and its members in City of Kings that tracks how many points you earn for the team (as well as other statistics). This way it will be very easy to know who is and isnt participating. Since City of Kings has many other features, such as replaces and scouts, I think that data should be included so that we can keep track of who is using what utilities. The chat does express who and when someone uses a utility, but if there is a chat in the gang it is often lost in the history. I have made a simple excel sheet with how I would set up the leaderboard. Link: A few explanations of how it works and my logic behind certain columns. 1. "Points" First the point system, this is easy, for every machine you have defending at the end of each minute you get 1 point. So you can earn a maximum of 3 points a minute. Double multipliers wont effect it since this is just to see who is contributing throughout the round. I would suggest the leaderboard be sorted by who has the highest points, but if it is too hard, just sort by the same method for the regular gang members. 2. "Times Attacked" The reason I think it makes sense to include "Times Attacked" is for people with weak machines who may not be able to destroy an enemy machine. That way at least the gang can realize they have been trying due to their high number of times attacked. If you dont include a "times attacked" section, it will create an incentive to attack computer players rather than human players in order to earn more points. 3. "Times Defended" Times defended just allows people to know how many times they have been attacked and successfully survived the attack. Theres really no way to know this unless you check constantly and keep track of who is regenerating health. 4. "Times Destroyed" This category means how many times your machines have been destroyed either while defending or while attacking. This allows members to keep track of who may have machines waiting to be used since if the times attacked is equal to the times destroyed, there are machines that are or will soon be ready to attack. 5. "Times Replaced" This category isnt imperative, but it just allows people to see who is being replaced the most. 6. "Replaces Used" This category allows the gang to keep track of who is using the replaces. That way gangs can see if their replaces are being used unwisely. 7. "Scouts Used" Same logic as before (6.), just to keep track of who is using scouts. Obviously the names of each column is open to change, but its just my thoughts up until now. Each round the leaderboard will be reset to 0 for all fields. I really think this will be a good feature to have for the gang since it may create some in-gang competition to be higher on the leaderboard and may even increase productivity with City of Kings in general. This will also make it very accurate for indicating who is not participating in city of kings. As of right now with my gang, I can't really find a good way keep track, especially while working a full time job. What do you think admins?
  2. I am posting here to talk about the Ultimate Machine toolboxes. They are an interesting way to boost your machine's health or damage by a % for a given period of time. I think this is a great idea to get an extra win out of the 20 battle series. However, in my case, I almost always get 18-20 wins. Almost every time I do not get the 20 wins, I am against an opponent with far superior stats to mine. Even if I were to apply a toolbox to give me greater damage/health I would not win. I would probably have to apply multiple toolboxes at the same time. But again, thats just for roughly 4 thousand more points a win. So I find myself not applying the toolboxes at all, and instead just keep collecting them. I have somewhere near 50 toolboxes at this point, non of which I plan to use. They require ~25 purple tickets to use. I propose an idea to deal with these. See as it is now, the only way to reduce the clutter in my inventory is to use the toolboxes. Which then deplete my purple tickets that allow me to upgrade machine parts once I get enough. Why not create a feature that allows me to sell my tool boxes for purple tickets? That way I can sacrifice the temporary bonuses, for a longer term approach of saving my purple tickets for upgrades. As many of my parts are nearing higher levels which require 500+ purple tickets to upgrade. It doesnt make much sense that I would want to deplete my savings just to get rid of toolboxes that I dont use anyway. This also gives me more freedom to choose to save for part upgrades, or get bonuses to give me more parts at the end of the ultimate championship round. Doesn't that make more sense? Thanks
  3. I try to open the app after the update and it just crashes. cannot change it
  4. Hi, the update has been our for almost 12 hours now and I am unable to update the app. I have an Iphone, and am trying to update through the app store. However, it just says "Open" instead of "Update", though there are other people who have already updated the app. Any ideas?