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  1. Youre the only person i cant beat Hahhah everytime i see you i press skip
  2. Right! ive played so much that its exhausting, theres no way someone can play that much its obvious he's doing something he's gone up 8million in 3 days, i talked to support maybe they can see something we cant. He doesnt even have the maximum blue cats per win (440) at his level....
  3. i love how easy people pass me 🤣
  4. Its not logically possible. Not gonna accuse him of anything but unless he's been playing for almost 48 hours straight he must be doing something sketchy, he had 8.7 mil when the update came out i have a screenshot lmao. Ive played hours upon hours excited to reach 10mil since it came out and im no where close to his numbers 😂
  5. same. I lost 250,000 hp which is like 12 health toolboxes i got robbed of and like no one else in the top 10 lost any hp or dmg ive kept track
  6. Zeptolab keeps their eyes out as much as possible, if someone is using a 3rd party cheat or hack they will know eventually. Its always a matter of time before you see them fall from the leaderboards. However, discussions about cheating is against the forum rules so we will not go on further with this. Nor create any more topics about cheating.
  7. Ugh this is so pointless they do realize creating an end to ranking means less activity. i know for a fact once i get stuck at 9,999,999 and "randomly" passed on the leaderboard i wont be playing much longer. The more we seek a reason to compete the more money we'll spend on staying or being the strongest. its more of a logical way of doing things. Why limit the players from proceeding continuously further, ruins the longevity of the game for players that love to compete for the position they'll earn. Not trying to rant or be negative but having a continuos playstyle is where id like to see the game heading.
  8. Aye i see myself, and yes unfortunately, and not sure how, but the guy in second is now first. Seems the ranking system is broken for now.
  9. Oh boyyyy
  10. Most importantly we should be able to rotate the stickers to our liking, seems right now its staionary in one orientation
  11. When one wheel adds half a million hp
  12. You could also instant promote if you design well enough theres alot to learn in the game and the more you play with your options the better it gets!
  13. That is the limit unfortunately for prestige 10 stage 24 not sure why theyd have a limit? How could we continue playing the game if it ends there, would be no reason to compete if you cant pass a certain number forever, hopefully its temporary.. maybe its a spacing issue idk but they can make the font smaller to fit 8 digits and make the game last way longer
  14. Right. I was told by zeptolab support, there was a certain way to unlock the pack. However, ive done so much in the game and have yet to get any engineers pack