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  1. what about GameSpy? I'm old
  2. I agree, its not worth blowing your brains out, however, they've moved the goalposts to top 5 (used to be 9) to get the 4 +4 parts. the 9th-20th (I think) get 2 + 2. I, as I'm sure many of you get the boxes, at least once, for old, shall we say, traditional, weapons that are already maxed. So now I'm getting 2/3 boxes instead of may be 6/7, that's quite a difference. nice to see people posting in the forum though
  3. weirdly I finished 12th too... I have fallen already I think, prior to the 15 spot ticket offer--Happened after the last "celebration" Tournament. All those extra boosts on the rare weapons that require $£ has done it, "rebalancing" they call it haha
  4. IDK whats happened in the last couple of weeks, but I've gone from being a regular top 5th -1st finisher in Ultimate to 15th-10th and literally 10 million points behind the leaders. Was there some crazy ptp box that has completely screwed up my years of effort? It does beg the question, whats the point?
  5. I too am getting pretty fed up of the sitters, there's no other way to explain this guy sitting in 14th having not challenged anyone. its only stage 5 ffs, 48hrs of waiting the 120% can only be on the body (in this case), unless some special tyres have been released and I missed them
  6. was going fine and made a fun change, but the last 36 hours have been a slog... Keep getting rubbish from the hourly car drop, literally fell over on start etc so it would take half a day to beat one opponent, sailed me down the leaderboard.. still used to that on this games competitions as the offers to buy success drops 24 hours before the end of them. (normally) also never worked out wth Team Booster was about??? may be I'm being stupid, very likely that
  7. man...I wish they'd fix this, I've wasted so many parts over the last few days, by not seeing this in time, after time, after time, when doing my upgrades with all my unwanteds
  8. whoops, sorry lmao I know that of course, but what you don't, is the state I was in when I posted above. Thanks for pointing out the error tho, that's funny as hell [not editing it either, coz it would spoil my stupidity]
  9. Not sure how you manages "more than 20 " since the challenge started...but thanks @Veteran Warcat I had a start like the one you described, 1 treat followed by a trick, happened twice like that. from then, a death spiral EDIT, just opened my possible 10th in a row trick...turned out to be a treat-a legendary shotgun for a classic, so I'll doubt it'll get used. Still at least I've broken my bad run. I expect I'll get 9 treats in row now
  10. I know its supposed to be 50/50 etc,... but how unlucky can a guy be? (thought I'd post before hitting a decade of tricks)
  11. oopsie... I've cleared it... cache clear seems to have done the trick, if it effects anyone else
  12. Right after I'm told about the new "spooky game" lady cat comes up with her pencil and pen to take my order, so to speak. THe the game just locks,..little paws animation but thats it, restarted 3 times now and cant seem to avoid it...don't even want the offer...sigh edit...should have said, android phone
  13. I get ya, depends a lot on chassis as you said, and speed of approach...I was just pointing out that a blade will swipe the biggest area. Low and high on your ride to hopefully clear that sucker off. Let's not forget a forklift and a booster can catch under your opponent and stop you being lifted, But that can be a little hit and miss. Damn this game has nuance!
  14. blades are best, all the other weapons mentioned have to be above where the balloon pack hits you
  15. How weird i should have mentioned seeing you before and then this happens this evening...small world I guess (BTW I didnt take you on, I erm, "catted" out--too close to call)