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  1. 995 posts Phil, hope their is something beyond “veteran warcat”
  2. It goes back to a simpler time. One before UL and City Kings. I think even before gang fights came in and the wonderful annoying “cats chat” (happy to be corrected in this as before my cats time BC). I posted about this a day or to ago, you would see most players had a least 1 sticker on their car. In the days of camping when you had a build for a long time in was a common sight.
  3. While doing my usual daily routine of gang fights and league fights I suddenly realised that I have not seen “Stickered” up bodies in ages. You know, when a player has painstakingly added a load of stickers on their chassis and the whole think looks like someone has graffitied it. I used to look at these builds and think what’s the point, cash those stickers in and get the cash. But now I think I’m kinda missing them!!!
  4. Most definently Phil! No deliberate low scoring wins by Non PresTigers this season. NP Cubs will be starting a whole season from the beginning and not third of the way through. NP Lynx are nearly district 3 already and racing through th wins. Maybe just stick to keeping up with Non PresTigers at moment!
  5. Considering I came up with the orignal pun way back Phil you would think I could remember it wouldn’t you!
  6. I always thought that they who kill first move first! So if you achieve 10 wins before another player, even if they have beaten you afterwards to get to 10, they will be ranked below you. I am more then happy to be corrected on this.
  7. A brilliant idea that would really help build a “gang comes first” mentality. Helping out your fellow gang members to become stronger. However with all new ideas that Zeptolab could role put you need to always ask a key question...... ”Where is the money in it?” Alas an idea that will NOT see the light of day
  8. Ahhhhh, Kats Gone Bad lives on!
  9. I can see your logic but this could never work on many levels. The whole point of a season is it is just that........a season. It gives gangs a target to aim for and progress. The rewards given as you progress are there to encourage gangs to keep focused and keep playing. From Zeptolabs point of view, and bottom line it’s a business which means money, is so players will feel encouraged to spend gems to hit these goals. Remove the deadline (However vague Zeptolab make this) and remove the urgency!
  10. Some really good ideas here, I like the sticky toxic mess!
  11. It seems you left the gang a while ago which means it would have had a great deal of new players join. In real terms it means that the gang you created is no more but something different. If you are looking to rejoin so you can lead then this is unlikely as there will be a new leader who won’t want to move away. If you wish to rejoin to be a player in the gang and not lead then this makes it more likely. In which case you need to keep checking the gang until they have a free spot. It is possible they have evolved and your prestige is no longer high enough to join. If you are looking to lead a gang again then your best option is to form a new gang. Being a good gang leader requires commitment so do think carefully about this before starting, maybe the best route for you is to join a ramdom gang until you find one you like and just play the game for a while.
  12. New Season, New Start NP Family are looking for active and social players. We have 3 gangs: Non Non PresTigers Top 40 gang in Meowscow last season and the strongest of the NP Gangs. We do not require gems 💎, we need players who are serious about developing their CK builds and want to be part of an elite team. NP Cubs Meowscow was Cubs first season and finished top 70. A amazing achievement for a new gang with new players. Will definitely be a top 100 gang again which means a guaranteed 9 ck parts and UL cash as a reward. NP Lynx Our newest gang and has several “monster” players in it. Lynx is a CK specialist team with max 12 players set up to progress through Purris quickly. If you want the parts and don’t want the full on commitment of a 25/25 gang then this is the gang for you. Feel free to use the links below and join our discord servers to have a look at what you could become apart off. Non PresTigers 🐅: NP Family (NP Cubs 🐯 and NP Lynx🔗): WEBSITE:
  13. Thanks but I am not looking, uk player and was just checking in
  14. Hi Sparrow, how is gang doing?
  15. HELLO CATS PLAYERS NP Family is recruiting now and looking for social and active players to join our 3 City Kings teams. NP gangs are NOT pay to win gangs, we do NOT expect you to spend money/gems and we do NOT expect you to be plugged in 24/7 into game. We DO expect you to have a social life, we DO expect you to have other commitments non Cats orientated and we DO expect you to have holidays. Non PresTigers: The original and strongest in the NP family. Currently ranked top 40 team in City Kings and well known in the Cats community. Looking for CK monster build players who have had enough of being in pay to win gangs who burn out their players. NP Cubs: Our 2nd NP gang formed in Meowscow Season, started season late but in and around top 100 rank in City Kings and nearly into district 9. Looking for Prestige 8 players with experience of playing City Kings, will go lower for right candidate. NP Lynx: Our newly formed 3rd NP gang and will be looking to start in new CK season Purris which starts after Halloween 👻 🎃 This will be a gang of between 12/15 players and look to play smaller CK grids with the aim of progressing through districts quicker. Looking for a blend of experienced CK players who want all those CK district parts. And some newish players, ideally minimum Prestige 1, to help nurture into better players. USING DISCORD IS MANDATORY TO BE A MEMBER OF ONE OF THESE GANGS Non PresTigers 🐅 discord link: NP Cubs 🐯 & NP Lynx 🔗discord link: NP Website: Please feel free to drop in and say 👋