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  1. For you newer gangs out there here’s a tactic that will serve you very well when playing City Kings Keep reserve numbers/builds If you and your gang members throw every available build into a building/s as and when you log on into ck then you have nothing left to counter your opponent when they attack you. Better to have one less building and have the ability to counter the counter! “The strength of an Army is not in its numbers, but that of its reserve and its deployment”
  2. Errrmmm.........when you say number 1.........number 1 in what exactly?
  3. Other then hitting the next block of 5 for a crown on a crate the overall win streak is irrelevant. Putting a weaker build or just a body only and leaving as default will give you overall easier opponents in quick fights.
  4. You have studied the builds, you have crunched those numbers, you have drawn upon all your experience in Cats warfare and you know the outcome of the battle............and you have got it wrong!!!! Dont want to spend those gems getting your parts back you have so lovingly polished? Then just force close the game and when you reboot you will find the bet is back to waiting to show you the outcome. You will tie up a betting slot, but if it’s a good part it means you won’t lose it or gems.
  5. Well they have certainly done their homework before posting this. Its a shame I’m a Brit and over 35 or I may have qualified for this exciting opportunity. I really like them their racing games, particularly good old Crash Arena Turbo Superstars, the king of racing games. 🤔
  6. Money 💴💰💸💷💶💵💳💎
  7. Just a little tip as you hit stage 24 and see that Prestige button.............. SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL Then with the cash........... BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY Costumes, hats, wigs, glasses, whatever takes your fancy. You can’t take the parts/cash with you but you get to keep your new snazzy wardrobe!
  8. Was drunk when typed this and my wording was all wrong. I meant not specifically the “bot slot” options but more will they start looking to move key buttons in random locations. Is this an example of something they are doing?
  9. Some players have complanned of a minor bug when they do UL fights. When your about to start your battle you find your slots for your 3 builds have moved from left of screen to right. This is not a bug, this is deliberate to prevent “auto clicking” players getting an unfair advantage. They no longer can set up their device and leave it unattended as now a variable.
  10. It does sound like a separate game altogether.
  11. You need to open your gang up to ramdoms. Players who join from cats game. Ratio of good to bad players is not great. And by good players I mean social, active and able to learn and follow direction. I am basing this on experience and early days I would keep numbers to 15 members until you have a team playing ck as you would like. I have built 2 gangs now. NP Cubs, 6 weeks old and are in D7 with 36 win streak. And Non PresTigers a top 100 ck team. I will be building a 3rd soon. I really like the process! Feel free to visit our server if you want some ideas that may work for you. Zak Attack
  12. It’s not an unreasonable request, but there is the small matter of payment. As a professional hitman I do have a living to make!
  13. Hmmmm, and.........why?
  14. So it has been a while since Non PresTigers has used this site to recruit......why you may ask (proberly not but tough I’m gonna pretend you did!). NP Tigers has been looking for an edge, we have tried low scoring (winning CK match ups with lowest possible score so as to get an easier opponent). We have tried running gang with 20 members to get a smaller CK grid (again, to get easier opponents). All designed to progress through districts quicker as opposed to trying to climb the ranks. But alas Zeptolab have closed these back doors and these tactics are no longer effective. So we are now looking to recruit 4 players to our gang. We are looking for minimum Prestige 8 players, active and social players who want to be part of a top gang. Currently 86 rank in CK and climbing quickly now we are back to focusing on points. We have a highly organised Discord Server (members must use this fantastic resource that has been built). We have our own website packed full of top tips in both CK and Gang Fights. We have a unique set of CK Tactics that have us punching way above our weight ( Have beaten teams in top 30 plus ranks as we continue to chase points now and win. Join our discord and make up your own mind! to visit our discord. to visit our website. See you soon!
  15. As in diamond build/body!? Wanting this would put you in the minority, not many CATS players use this out of choice. Very unstable.