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  1. :D

    welcome back old bud ! Nice to see you again !
  2. I really want to change it but nvm
  3. Ah , my creation ... You can buy them on the shop only
  4. i don 't know much but phil is right
  5. You can level them up using weapon toolboxes Although I know what you mean by " power " , it is actually called damage power ( or energy ) is a number that controls your weapon and gadget placement on bodies for letting you know
  6. we all don't oknow it's up to phil
  7. Yeah I think the galleryis cool but you can 't sell it ? thats the problem and each sticker can spam on cars but only one per car. so pretty cool though whoops
  8. Iagree I bought my own creation which is boomerang but it ends up not following my guidelines and made it useless
  9. Nice one !
  10. gkki plop mrt yyu ? just trying to soak in sorry
  11. its ok everybody makes mistakes even me
  12. yeah not a newb is right sleeping to see the boringness ( I know this is not a word but never mind )
  13. No you can 't unless you buy it
  14. I just watch people use it on youtube I hope it comes out at regular toolboxes for letting you know
  15. Guys I can't believe that zeptolab took my advice at my weapon suggestion topics but still zeptolab that programmed all these stuff ( for money ) but I think it is really good though whst do you think ?