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  1. thx, i will try that. xoxo lilly join WHATLILLYSAYS#57373
  2. Any other suggestions? Down to 20 players and no new members for 2 months.
  3. why should i do that? we‘ve had new members regularly with p2 requirement, so far
  4. still no one joining the gang, any ideas? we used to see a batch of new guys join every week or so .. but it‘s been AGES.
  5. seems ok now!
  6. remove the horseshoe.
  7. the same thing keeps happening in UL fights, though. so i guess my horseshoe build is useless for now.
  8. geee THX that did it for me! why didn‘t i come up with this myself? btw, my machine was throwing a horseshoe, too. xoxo, lilly
  9. hi, so while the app has locked me out i might as well ask in the meantime..... my gang (min P2, 21 members, not private) hasn‘t had any new members join for, like, a month or so. why? lilly
  10. hi since last update my (ios 12.1.2 on iphone 8, rosé btw) app keeps crashing in the middle of an ultimate fight. nothing left to do, i open up the app, the same fight starts again and boom it‘s gone. i‘m a P7 gang leader and i hate to not be there. if anyone of my gang is reading this, well ... uhm .. say hello. stay strong, guys! lilly p.s. reinstalling the app didn‘t help.
  11. is done. looking forward to seeing you!
  12. sry i just realised there‘s a typo: it is WHATLILLYSAYS#57373
  13. WHATLILLYSAYS#5737 looking forward to hearing from you!
  14. Currently looking. Minimum score 50 per cycle (=3 rounds), City Kings district 4. Must be active in gang fights, CK and chat, be fun and confirm our gang rules.
  15. idk cause i don´t see the recommended gang list and i can´t leave the gang to have a look because i´m the leader. i thought this gang list was individual for each player (localization etc.)