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  1. Grandpa Phil forget about the CATS Forum. It is discontinued by Zepto At least you have Discord. Also 2 new members can't even join this forum since Zepto isn't providing Email Verification for new users.
  2. 1. Remove forced ads for new players Why you need to pay to remove ads? It's difficult to play the game with thousands of ads popping up in the screen. 2. Provide events weekly All-Stars, Scrap Run or maybe a new Grand Prix event must be happening weekly just for fun, don't make events any longer to happen. 3. Remove age restriction for gang chat To talk with gang members you have to be over 13 right? The better option is to make the gang chat available to everyone, talking about City Kings and other stuff. 4. Remove a member from the gang If there's someone toxic or someone who break the rules there might be a remove button for the gang owner to remove it.
  3. New Players are subjected to forced ads forcing them to spend money to remove ads. RIDICULOUS! 80% of old players left the game because they don't care about CATS and they started playing KoT or other some online game to pass the time.
  4. What happened to the users here? They left the game? Zepto killed this forum, no new members are allowed to join this forum. But this forum still remains alive for some reason. Other alternatives are the CATS Discord server, the Telegram group and the subreddit.
  5. The last news on the CATS official website is the USA Independence day of the last year. We got the Scrap Run event on this year and the "infamous" 2020 Christmas event and much more.
  6. No new stuff here since november? What happened? Is the forum in ruins? My question is: What happened with the CATS forum? Is it forgotten or dead? Waiting for an online user to respond here... Thx
  7. in the news subforum there's a topic that the topic title is wrong it's written "dostrict" and we spell "district" can the topic creator correct this?
  8. Lol This game has nice graphics 😎
  9. Oh there's a rule in the forums Rule 4: Posting nonsense is a bad thing anyway. To hell with the counter, it may be punishable anyway. If you are bored out of your wits, it is a better idea to spend your time on forum games than to spam. Beware! so sorry
  10. what? how does spam meant in this forum? so sorry for that i didn't know that's a spam
  11. There's a big space in the player's name is that a bug?
  12. i don't believe that, mew york still exists how you can get that city back to to the game i believe that zeptolab won't change screenshots and still keep it there Screenshot:
  13. On AppStore/Google Play i saw that screenshots are wrong and the City kings screenshot is showing meow york but actually it's mew and also mew york doesn't exist anymore it's actually Mewscow
  14. well welcome to the forums Phil is a known user in this forum don't say bad things about him
  15. Did the creators makes a city related to Meows like Pennsylvania it’s gonna be...
  16. What Mew is a PokΓ©monΓ©mon) you are kidding the city name is Mew York, Mew is from pokΓ©mon franchise and the name has changed? Wow did the developers didn't watched pokΓ©mon and she changed the name, i think the developers doesn't know pokΓ©mon
  17. I want to play CATS with a friend will septolab will add a local match system for who is playing CATS near of me and win rewards when i beat a friend
  18. List of Prestige Bodies,Weapons and Gadgets ~ Whale "Available on PRESTIGE 1" ~ Minigun "Available on PRESTIGE 1" ~ Shotgun "Available on PRESTIGE 2" ~ Lifter "Available on PRESTIGE 4" Your question how to get these Chassis,Weapons and Gadgets without Prestige It's simply to get 1. Enter or Create a Gang "It costs 200 Gems to Create a Gang" 2. If you created a gang go to your gang setting and Copy the Gang ID and share to your social media and will enter in your Gang 3. Get Trophies or wait the Trophy Bar to fill it to get a Gang Box 4. Open the Gang Box 5. And you Receive something extra like whales,shotguns,miniguns and lifter ENJOY IT
  19. there are spoilers coming to the game seriously if doesn't exist i believe all "leaked" images are been removed RIP Rumors
  20. STAR TOOLBOX this toolbox adds some HEALTH POINTS, ATTACK and ENERGY
  21. to get rid of this just add a shotgun in a surfer or a whale and doesn't jump above you if the player has 2 boosters in the chassis it jumps too fast and you can't beat him the one more option is using a bouler with blades i hope it's helps
  22. 1. early whale This is a Whale is that's is exclusive at the metal parts 2. early cat This cat isn't used in the game IMAGES BELOW
  23. Rank Name Post Quantity .................... ........................ Homeless Kitten. Beginning Kitten. 5-60 Wild Kitten. 60-100 Cat. 100-200 Warcat. 200-600 Veteran Warcat. 600