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  1. Not sure if i qualify, but i gotta post this fight here anyway. In CK wars you often can't choose your opponent, makes an interesting blind matches sometimes, here is one https://mgcl.co/cats?_m=pEDQEx9VXn:
  2. Don't' know about bin, but trash cans look about right(I've seen bigger, can't even imagine size of them in Texas, everything is bigger there) next to that big screen TV and oversized trash bag, so I am goooooood... Wait, cat wearing clothes and standing upright and driving battle machines... OMG, dont' tell my dog about it, she should not find out that I am really just a big cat... I am just territorial and can't stand another cat on my turf
  3. OMG, they cut down giant sequoias for the wood planks... I guess only the very best for Ultimate machines. Problem solved.
  4. Available now. Good luck everyone.
  5. looks like they are very well aware and working on it. This is from discord: 12:33 PM] Chervey: Dear players, we’re currently experiencing difficulties with Android version due to problems with our application. That’s why the update is temporary not available in Google Play. We’re working hard on the issue with Google and double checking everything in order to deliver the update as soon as possible. Please sorry for inconvenience made.
  6. Hello everyone, Am i the only one who can not get update from play store after the maintenance today? Play store shows me 2.9 version available with last update on March 26, 2018 Apple store shows 2.9.1 updated today. Is official apk file available somewhere direct? Thanks.