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  1. Here's what I got from a level 30 green box yesterday - I believe it's been mentioned that this was the prize fir the World Cup event. Unfortunately, the Lunokhod X car comes in Standard Grade and I'm at +10 Prestige, so it's specs are too low and against my other cars. Also, at Standard Grade, this car will never get up in Levels compared to my other cars - so for the foreseeable future, this car is going to just be shelved. The biggest drawback to this car even if it were level is that it can't unless it can land a Harpoon, the car will get flipped by any repulsor. If it uses anti-graves, the car just gets punted out of the arena or its HP is so low that any Double Rocket setup will kill it.
  2. Oh, that's easy. The magnetic field generated from Santas Laser imparts a slight force to the rear if the weapon. The G27's magnetic field is oriented in the opposite direction and also imparts a slight forward force. When the two weapon's magnetic fields are oriented in the same direction, there is enough force to push even two cars slowly if no couterfirce from either car's wheels are on the ground. As a fascinating side note, cats at Purrrdue University tested the use of aligned magnetic fields from multiple spare Santas Lasers and G27s mag field generators and were able to lift a Dozer off the ground momentarily. This initial research lead the development of the first generation of Anti-Gravity knobs. The current G19 and G70 AG Scooters are able lift a Dozer or Cutter above all cars except the Ice Cream Truck. The phyisics observation of your battle lead to many CATZ scientific breakthroughs.
  3. 100 trophies for 10 Overall, it's 275 trophies in total for all 10 levels. One note though, if your gang is heavy into City Kings, then it's more important when you get those trophy points. if your gang has already won a CK level due this overwhelming points, then a pilot is best to wait until the next CK to pile on new trophy points. Timed right, a gang can pile on 6-8 heals per pilot in CK if everyone coordinates when they get trophies.
  4. I got this X70 Scooter Wheel in today's CK green chest. I was hoping this was something different than the X19 Scooter Wheel, but it appears to be described the same --- and it acts the same as far as speed and lift. Offhand, I'd say that this wheel is not needed. Anyone here use 2 Anti-Grav wheels in a successful CK setup? I haven't been able to make a dual AG wheel setup that even remotely works.
  5. I got this X70 Scooter Wheel in today's CK green chest. I was hoping this was something different than the X19 Scooter Wheel, but it appears to be described the same --- and it acts the same as far as speed and lift. Offhand, I'd say that this wheel is not needed. Anyone here use 2 Anti-Grav wheels in a successful CK setup? I haven't been able to make a dual AG wheel setup that even remotely works.
  6. I've never seen this weapon before in CK. I like that's it only 10 energy.
  7. What's the difference in performance between the X70 wheel and the next smaller one (the one with the rods sticking out of it)? Have you used successfully the X70 on any setups you'd like to recommend? Also, the UFO has a ton of energy, but I don't see it in CK --- is it that pilots got it well after they already upgraded their other setups and that it is short on HP?
  8. I got this item "Rotating Hyboloid G27" in a CK green box last week. It fires at the same rate as a rocket, but uses only 10 energy. At first I didnt think this was a useful item, but even wit its low initial damage, its 10 Energy allows you to use it with a gadget on Santa's Sleigh. My previous Santa car setup was with the Double Rocket and the Single Rocket - which had 2K more damage per salvo, but simply didn't have any force multiplying capability like my Ice Cream Slicer/Ice Maker combo. Switching the Single Rocket with the G27 improved the kills for the Santa car (I don't have a high level Laser so that setup isn't possible) when Ice Box repulsor was used. Please note the "rotating" ability is set in the garage and can't be changed during CK - so if you get it wrong, you end up with a weapon that is not hitting its target. Here is the description and initial specs for this weapon --- a very useful one IMO (though I have yet to figure out how to make the rotating feature work on any of the cars I have. A flying car could possibly use this feature, but I don't use those type of setups.
  9. There are a lot of UL rare parts that I see but I don't know what they are or how they stack up against other items. Id line to know the specs and description of them - as I don't have them. I'm particularly interested in the Horseshoe, the Spaceship, the Anti Grav Wheel with the Star on it, and this new Car that I saw yesterday. I think this car is supposed to fly upside down so that it can use that new ray gun (also seen in the pic). Could the more advanced pilots here help and post the specs for any of these rare items?
  10. ------ and this is our current CK matchup. The shoe is on the other foot..... This gang has a minimum of Prestige 28 and their cars were reflective of this. I'm Prestige 10 and it was taking me 2 cars to kill one of theirs. I got lucky on the last run and two of my cars took out two their cars, but the match was over 12 hours ago really.
  11. That's odd - here's my UL ranking screen. I've never seen such a low score in the top two ranks in UL at only 12 hours left. I dunno, but those UL stats and cars stats seem very low for Prestige 12. I'm on iOS - perhaps other platforms are different? Here are my UL cars at Prestige 10 - I'd have to say that I think you'd not be able to pick one if your 3 cars that would beat any one of my cars --- as the stats between your P12 cars are too low to kill my P10 cars (I could be wrong on thus assessment, but I don't think so).
  12. Lifter all the way. Any stable car with a double Lifter setup will beat 6-10 cars easy. Heck even a fast moving single Lifter Classic with no weapon can beat 4-8 cars without a weapon. Here's my current setup car in Gold Stage 17 (please note no weapon and the very low HP of this car - it's go no boosting). This car has barely enough HP to survive one DR hit at Stage 17 and it wall bangs 9 cars to victory. The forklift can't produce results tha are even close. The Lifter is the free-to-play pilots best gadget to sneak into a sub-7th place position. Second would be the Backpedal gadget.
  13. I read the description - it sounds like you get 2 items, a legendary item (a 100-120% boosted item) and a toolbox (HP, Damage, or Energy type). The Giant Box with 2 Super Parts and 24 ordinary parts seems like a better deal - and for 40 gems less. Or, just play for the Gamg Fights level 8, 9, and 10 boxes (sometimes I get stopped at level 9 or 10 though) and hope to get through without too many 10 gem passes. Hopefully, someone here can post what's in those new offers so a comparison can be made.
  14. I hate to say this, but you can't leave your car and rank unattended in the last hour (heck, last 10 minutes) of a competition. I never show my closer car to the rest if the competition until the last 5-10 minutes of a competition and I'll come from last place to a top 3 spot in about 1-2 minutes easy. Your problem is that is that: 1) You are leaving your best car visible to the rest of the 14 pilots. This gives everyone ample time to get a better car up against you and it will practically guarantee that you'll be on the losing end of battles on the last minutes of the competition. 2) You are not actively playing in the last few minutes of a competition. This will almost always result in 6 pilots swooping in to displace you in the last minutes. Free-to-Play pilots have to use sub-standard gear to compete and playing the last few minutes of a competition in really the best way to sneak into a sub-7th place spot. By leaving your best car unattended, you give these pilots a ton of time to get their cars upgraded to eek out a win against you. For them, they will probably not show their best car (cause it will be sub-par and easily beaten) until near the end. So my advice to you is to ignore the first 47 hours of the competition and only check in a few times to see what the other 14 pilots are using. Make notes of what they are using and test our a car that can beat at least 7 of the 14. For you best car, only test that out when as few of the 14 other pilots are "online". Only the last hour really counts, if you play only 15 minutes a day, make that the time you play and you'll probably not see any 7th and up placements against.
  15. Sorry if this was asked already, but has the Ultimate League Mystery Level (the prize for finishing first or second place) been activated as of the last update? I see pilots pushing well 2-3 times what the third place pilot's points, so I was wondering if the mystery level was opened.