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  1. A Haiku: We are FANCY CATZ A gang that needs new members To return glory! I joined this gang as just some guy and the people were solid. We won a good amount and the chat was fire but the leader left for reasons and the leadership fell to me. I need a few active new members to push us back to greatness. We lowered the requirement to Prestige 7 to attract more players, but it didn't, so here we are. If you play an ok amount and are looking for a new group who is dedicated, look us up. Most of the crew plays daily and we ask you to be active every other day if not daily, do City Kings, amass trophies in Gang Fights, and read the chat now and then. Look us up- FANCY CATZ ! I didn't name it, but by god if it isn't relevant. English helps. See ya!
  2. Yep, I've been getting this message all throughout the day. Tried closing the app, looked for updates, nothing. I even tried to buy it (seemed like a decent deal...), but nothing gets rid of this little bastard. Came here to see if anyone else had the issue
  3. Hah, glad to see we're all very important along the way! That's a good idea, didn't think of screenshot idea. Even so, it's still hassle-lite... I'm gonna start poaching ideas off rival gangs now, see you on the streets!
  4. I understand why we have three machine slots, it's well integrated into the gameplay. But what I'd REALLY love is a Sandbox or something that allows me to throw parts I own together and test to see how the vehicle works/drives/leans etc. Doesn't even have to fight against anyone during the test, just want to see vehicle dynamics. I'm aware I can do this in one of the three machine slots but it's super annoying when I've got 3 good machines and have to trash one of them just to experiment with a new one. Usually I'm not satisfied with the experiment and end up putting the trashed machine back together, but some are more complicated than others and sometimes I forget which parts I used. I went through the first three pages of forum and didn't see a topic like this. I'm sure someone else has brought this idea up, so if it's a repeat or if I'm beating a dead horse I apologize. Love the game and it's honestly the only one thing I'd change. Thanks