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  1. Flying boulder is exactly what I use, a lot of people started using twin Mill laser and something else with no wheels. I just jump behind them. The one I'd like to know how to get around is the dust sprinkler and smoke gadget builds, can barely get a single hit in. Needs nerfing imo.
  2. My gang have lost 3 in a row then won a round and now we have been put against a top 25 gang, we're not even top 600. Seems matchmaking is somewhat broken.
  3. I'm having the same problem again. If I merge a part it levels up back to max level but only gives +1 to damage. If I restart the game the level has dropped again, but the parts I merged are gone.
  4. Looking for a new gang (English speaking), play everyday and left my gang as it takes 4 days for city kings to start each time... Currently ranked 5253 and prestige 2 stage 13.