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  1. ZakAttack, I understand that Discord is best, but many are not interested in a 3rd party chat client. A simple addition of chat segregation would solve 80% of this issue. Discord does have the advantage with almost being forum like and having separate channels, chat groupings etc. Regards, Kev9815 (Gang Leader) Yellow-Bots
  2. Please create separate tab in chat or split window to seggregate chat from system notifications. This would help chat messages stay viewable longer and not get lost. Paste functionality as well as the ability to cursor back would also be extremely beneficial.
  3. Are you looking for a gang with excellent CK strategy, active players, great leaders who foster and promote growth? Look no further than the Yellow-Bots gang! We are currently positioned to pounce into the top 100 with your help! We are currently in District 7. Hope to see you soon! Respectfully , Kev9815 Leader of Yellow-Bots
  4. Yellow-Bots would gladly accept you!
  5. Still looking? Yellowbots is looking for active players.