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  1. NEVER!!! (Most likely zeptolab’s answer)
  2. CK Mewscow, terrible weapon.
  3. I have a question: why did Zeptolab make C.A.T.S.?
  4. Ankit has a special outfit. I don’t know where that came from...
  5. Whats elixir? Is it better version of remedy?
  6. City kings
  7. You get it from the first CK season. Which means you can’t.
  9. I wonder what engine C.A.T.S. actually uses. If you know that it’ll be way easier to find all the bugs.
  10. Open livestream on computer, and hold your tablet/phone.
  11. There was a really weird Chinese version of C.A.T.S. on certain non-apple devices. Maybe she was playing that. (There were legendary clothing, which made the game almost impossible and even more P2W than the original)
  12. Go in game files and hopefully you’ll find it.
  13. (Or grind money)
  14. That’s a good idea... Magic toolboxes should give you random bonuses without betting:)