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  1. No. Just buy stuff. It’s the fastest way.
  2. Nope. Also Zeptolab support and maybe they’ll help.
  3. Yes. Rumors say that you can even get 3-slot classics, although they are probably not true.
  4. If you’re in a gang that gets Gang Boxes(Lvl 1 or 1+) you have a chance to get Whales, Lifters, Shotguns, Diamonds, Double Rockets, and Miniguns 🔫.
  5. Most likely yes. The devs added great updates recently but however did not deliver essential fixes like referring fix and forklift fix.
  6. That’ll be insanely OP. However you should be able to attach power toolboxes to weapons to make them less energy costly.
  7. Hmm, I still have ads and I can watch as many as I want. However I’m not sure what’s happening to the ads. No. It’s a imaginary thing.
  8. No. If the cat is new potty train it for a couple of weeks. If it’s still doing that, either the cat is naughty or take it to the vet.
  9. Search C.A.T.S.on YouTube. During the livestreams there will be a redeem code.
  10. Forklift is very broken now and since it has a greater lifting force than its weight, when 2 forklifts latch together the chassis(plural) flies off. In your case somehow the opponent's forklift got stuck on you and starts flying vertically/horizontally, even when the wheels aren't touching ground. Also this glitch isn't only with UL parts. It also happens with normal parts. Some parts like Cannon/Shotgun has knock back, so its natural to have a car with a shotgun moving while the wheels aren't touching the ground.
  11. Did you guys realize that everybody's parachute is the same? Well I think this will be a great addition for the players(Possibly devs). Since you can edit your cat, why not make it so that you can edit your parachutes? Ones you get for coins: Striped Parachute(P1)Cost:1,000 Hang Glider(P2)Cost:1,000 Round Parachute(P3)Cost:1,000 Paper Airplane(P4)Cost:1,000 Golden Parachute(P5)Cost:12,000,000 Ones you get for gems: Jetpack(200 gems)
  12. Or: Cutter, AG Scooter in back, AG knob in front, and cannon and whatever gadget you want..
  13. As far as I know the UL parts loot mechanism is that you have higher chances of getting standard items, medium chances of getting polished items, and a low chance of getting refined items and no chance for the special CK ones. The reason you don’t don’t have a laser is because you weren’t lucky enough to get it. Farming boxes should do it. Also yes, cannon is a refined part, and I’m not sure of the energy cost.
  14. Easier: Coach, Lucky Horseshoe, Dragon Mortar, Repulse(for extra hp), and a Anti-Gravity knob in the back.