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  1. :D

    Hi guys I'm back!(After like 5 months)
  2. More info: -Is a grandpa -Constantly posting recruitment posts(no longer) -Best build uses whale
  3. Suggestion: If your account gets banned, if you try to create a new account with the same IP, your new account gets automatically banned
  4. Also it might get stuck in the opponents car, making some extremely humorous battles
  5. This pic is currently catwop’s profile picture, and it was posted on the forum a year ago.
  6. NEVER!!! (Most likely zeptolab’s answer)
  7. CK Mewscow, terrible weapon.
  8. I have a question: why did Zeptolab make C.A.T.S.?
  9. Ankit has a special outfit. I don’t know where that came from...
  10. Whats elixir? Is it better version of remedy?
  11. City kings
  12. You get it from the first CK season. Which means you can’t.
  14. I wonder what engine C.A.T.S. actually uses. If you know that it’ll be way easier to find all the bugs.