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  1. Prestige is the way to go, so you can unlock the Paw skills, get more weapons for your UL and move up the ranks, there are currently 65 prestige’s. If you’re in a gang; your trophies will eventually lock if you don’t move up on stages, so it’s also helpful there. Good luck.
  2. Hello, that means the league is over, go in to progress to the next stage. Good luck.
  3. Ouch, i may get the Champ Item offers just to try them, but sorry to hear that you got it at S23, ;[ !!! it shall be missed.
  4. Share your builds - let's help you get better i use 3 Different builds to alternate, one to beat whales, one to beat whales and also one to beat whales !
  5. Pretty much! NYC ftw!!!
  6. Nothing was changed - it's a common thing and known behavior, happens in KOT as well. Just give it time and change the Prestige Requirements here and there, until your Gang is being recommended to players. Good luck.
  7. Hello, Did you try turning on and off your Phone? Just kidding, couldn't resist this auto respond when you're asking for Tech support !! that's a strange place to be stuck at, force close the app and see what happens, or uninstall/re-install there are no other solutions. Good luck.
  8. Great collection, we’re hoping to see wonderful changes for future season, starting with Meow York. 🤞
  9. Early July is the plan, good luck.
  10. As long as your members are in the gang when the war starts, they can join. There’s no limit, it’s 25. If a war is going on and someone joins your gang, they have to wait for the next one. I think that’s what you’re asking about, good luck.
  11. Update 2.20 available for IOS and Android, if you’re amazon don’t be alarmed it’ll be up soon, good luck. 👍
  12. The rewards for the weekly (4) winners have been updated to the following: - 2 Ultimate League Boxes - 2 Legendary Championship Boxes - 2,000 Ultimate League Cash Dont forget to drop by over the weekends to participate for a chance to win. Good luck.
  13. Definitely, no problem
  14. It’s been a couple of months since this change was implemented, it’s needed to stop gang hopping / gang box farming. Apologize for the inconvenience.