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  1. It’s already fixed, just going through posts and cleaning, was on a small break 😂
  2. This was a temporary bug, a good one 😀 to beat 14/20+ should be good haha!
  3. Appreciate you, fixed (: happy Thursday.
  4. Your only chance to get ‘higher’ parts is Gang fights, but not as high as you’re saying, mostly a stage higher. Work on legendary parts and betting, to get the stats you want. Good luck buddy.
  5. Please post a screenshot when available. No power shouldn’t exist, submit a support ticket and post a screenshot here so we can answer/help better. Thanks.
  6. 74 hours.
  7. Click the Prestige button, there's no point in doing medals / wasting medals on Last stage of carbon, Prestige to Stage 1. Good luck,
  8. All the new items will eventually be available via crates, might take some time! Sorry, i didn't get the question. I'd still say fuse it if you have no use for it.
  9. - Fridge Deep Freeze Pushes enemies back and freezes them for a short time. - Lamp Death Lamp Automatically targets an enemy. Shoots a cone of deadly light - Shield Shield Makes your machine immune to all damages for a short time - Tilted Chainsaw Rotating Chainsaw Can be rotated when installed on a machine. NOTE: to rotate it, use the special button in the garage. - Tilted Drill Rotating Drill Can be rotated when installed on a machine. NOTE: to rotate it, use the special button in the garage. - Tilted Rocket Rotating Rocket Can be rotated when installed on a machine. NOTE: to rotate it, use the special button in the garage. Hopefully we see more of them in time! 😀👍
  10. Everything goes away when you prestige, I tried it and it’s fun just to try, don’t think it’s very good, just a fun concept of rotating weapons. I’d say fuse it 😈 lol good luck.
  11. The items are not worth it, no. Not for me anyways. I speed open regular boxes when I’m playing UL to get tickets for the max allowed per day. Otherwise most of the items are for fusing/selling purposes. A little lower than the current stage. Supers have a chance for gems, and toolboxes and sometimes good items. Better if you crown first. Good luck,
  12. I’m in the same boat! Gang fights will have to wait until it’s over. I replied to ‘questions’ and ‘confusion’ it’s an event that’s timed and will be over. 😀👍 not a fan of Personal attacks or negativity. I’m a player just like you (:
  13. Nice work on your Trophies!!!! they all look beatable with a Jumper, you should try more builds, Flying sneaky for (Laser and/or D Rocket) go a long way, both championship and gang fights. Good luck
  14. Hello Phil, You probably shouldn't reply if you don't understand or know what's going on. - The date of birth is private information that most games are NOT allowed to ask or collect. (Europe Legislation) - GDPR-K. - Asking for the age is not a "Rookie" mistake, it's forced by the Law under the Europe Legislation and also COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), Removing or violating such will lead to fines and other complications. It's here to PROTECT the player, and all the game developers can do is "ask". I hope this explains it Good luck,