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  1. It’s a known issue on some devices (being worked on), when that happens next time, close and reopen the app and try again, should work on the second attempt (:
  2. Hola, Vaya a la pestaña de mi pandilla, al lado del chat, tendrá un icono de configuración, haga clic en el botón de configuración y encontrará una opción para salir de la pandilla en la parte inferior izquierda. Buena suerte
  3. Hello, Thank you for sharing, this is just a visual bug that shall soon be corrected at some point, the HP/Attack you see is before the bonus given by the Hot Wheels bodies. This explains the difference. Good luck,
  4. Many you see have been there for weeks or maybe months, to progress in the game I suggest prestiging. If not, then here are how to get power: - Defuse parts into others - Bet on Parts to get maximum bonus (HP and Attack) - Toolboxes Good luck,
  5. The game Devs and Support can, you can message Support to double check why this Player has that body. Everything can be explained / figured out.
  6. Hello, This means your weapon/item is already in a bet that expired a long time ago, therefor; it's stuck. You can either message support ingame, and get it resolved, or simply Prestige and everything will reset. Good luck,
  7. An old inactive account, Classics with 2 weapon slots no longer drop.
  8. Do you mean because they are expensive? Or because you didn’t get enough parts in the All Stars?
  9. More updates are coming in the next few months, there’s a lot to do in CATS and the Paw skill point didn’t have enough attention, but soon they will. I also have 780 skills sitting there (: appreciate your feedback and good luck.
  10. Blade buddy. 100% counters. Shotgun, about 75% counters. Good luck.
  11. Thank you for reaching out Stanley, and welcome to CATS, they took a look and it seems that you joined CATS on the 3rd, so the reason you didn’t get a box is because you have to stay in a gang for a little while. You’ll get the next box (: hang in there and good luck. 👌👊
  12. Happy almost New Years! Appreciate you and your feedback bud, we’ll work on a better way to deliver updates (: thanks.
  13. The news was posted on Twitter on Dec 18 and also on the Discord server. Please follow either to stay updated on more recent news. This change is positive, stops gang hoppers, grows loyalty and stops cheating.
  14. Hello Marking, Your English is quite well (: Your question is IOS related, and a good question, the problem you have is called ‘Automatic upload’, and easily fixed. What you want to do is, on both devices so the following: Settings > iTunes & App Store and turning off Music, Apps and iBooks under Automatic Downloads. This will prevent these from being automatically downloaded to the device when any changes happen. After this, you can reinstall the game and enjoy a new account. Good luck.
  15. Nothing was nerfed. The opponents level increased and is now more competitive is all.