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  1. Suerfer: Rollers / Minigun / Shotgun / Lifter Sneaky: Knobs / Blade / Minigun / Lifter Sneaky: Knobs / Blade / Double Rocket / Lifter Classic : Sticky tires / Double lifter / Shotgun It all depends on your opponents really, but the above my favorites.
  2. Hey! Do you have lifter, shotgun and minigun unlocked? My favorites are: - sneaky with minigun, blade and lifter. (Knobs) - surfer with minigun, shotgun and lifter (knobs or rollers) Share screenshots of your items we can help more, it’s useful to open boxes everyday to get more items, and your best source for stronger weapons is gang fights. 👍 one reset with 30 gems is worth more than the 150 gems box. Good luck,
  3. Share an image, so we can help better. Like greedy said, if it says ‘to wheels’ then add to wheels yes. 😀 if the wheels say ‘to body’ then add to body.
  4. Hello, District 7.
  5. Hello CATS, Please note that MadCats competition runs weekly on discord, we’re on #6. There are weekly winners with legendaries and UL boxes, it runs every weekend. If you’re not on the discord, please don’t hesitate to join and meet the community.
  6. What milky said, it can be played on Pc using emulators, such as BlueStacks, Nox, etc.
  7. >District 1 — Frost Sprinkler >District 2 — Wild West Coach >District 3 — Flue >District 4 — Double rocket >District 5 — Antigrav scooter 1 + Antigrav scooter 2 >District 6 — Russian stove Body >District 7 — Horseshoe >District 8 — Santa’s sleigh >District 9 — Lotus >District 10 — UFO body
  8. Not really ‘recover’, but hold it on a bet until you get a better part, when you prestige everything will go away either ways, and you start fresh. Wish you the best of luck. Bet carefully 😱
  9. It does not drop in UL boxes, might be made available in the future, it was available in 2 AS events, I have 14 parts but will not updated, it’s not useful for advance game play. I’ll have to disagree with you, it’s a wonderful part for start up players, P1-P4, especially in UL, extremely helpful. Some who did the AS can fight stronger using it, for low level players in general.
  10. Hello, this only happens if the phone could not handle the game load, graphics etc, and sometimes when the internet connection is weak, I hope it works better for you in the future. And Devs are aware 👌
  11. Devs are aware and working on it, the game load was a little heavy after the update, glad it’s working better already.
  12. Hello. Hold down your click and drag the piece of clothing on top of the Cat to dress it, or change the hat or skin. So drag and drop. Hope this helps (: good luck.
  13. He means less than 5/5 to start a war. His gang are all P0S4 or under so not eligible for City King.
  14. This is a lifter bug on Classics. Submit it to support for review, nice video (:
  15. Hello, They might be able to with the right information, we can’t help here but start a ticket and they’ll guide you on the process (: if not ‘recover’ They may be able to find an alternative.