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  1. Great, thanks for sharing. i recommend going under 20 members until your team is ready for a full fight. Wish you beat the best of luck.
  2. Hello, in this case, it means you already received it while in another team. It’s the only time it would only give you an attack or health box. If not, please submit an ingame ticket and they’ll take care of it, good luck
  3. Hot wheels where signed under a specific contract, once that’s contract is renewed they’ll come back,‘otherwise no copy rights 😀👍
  4. 2020 sounds good!
  5. Very nice Lol
  6. Zepto increased the drop rate of ultimate boxes forever! It means that all ultimate boxes you may get in the game will contain more parts than before. Regular Ultimate Box: dropped 1 part BEFORE the update // NOW it drops 2 parts Ultimate Box with 2 parts: BEFORE 2 // NOW 3 parts Ultimate Box with 3 parts: BEFORE 3 // NOW 4 parts Ultimate Box with 4 parts: BEFORE 4 // NOW 6 parts Also, we will add new parts from beloved Stage Coach, UFO, Sputnik, Russian Stove, Mid Autumn sets. Parts that had become popular and considered rare will be way easier to get. All these 25 new parts could be found in ultimate boxes. Here’s the full list. Stagecoach set: Gatling Gun, Stagecoach Scooter, Stagecoach, Tire Remedy, Stagecoach, Horse Shoe. UFO set: Antigrav Knob, Energy Shield, Antigrav Roller, UFO Death Ray. Sputnik set: Sputnik, Hyperboloid, Mega Drill, Ult Antigrav Scooter 1, Antigrav Scooter 2. Russian Stove set: Russian Stove, Bear Gun, Chimney, Hearth. Mid Autumn set: Lantern, Elixir of Immortality, Moonbeam, Cloud, Bow of the Hero
  7. Hello, the wrenches limit is exactly 375 per 24 hours, the reset depends on timezones. Please do more quick fights, gang fights, open boxes with videos etc. Good luck 👍🍀
  8. Hello, some players have thousands of skill points. There are plans for new skills in the upcoming future. Patience is all what’s needed, thank you for the feedback and enjoy the game.
  9. Hello, a few teams did report receiving Death Ray, but also a few teams reported Sticky Tire (Updated List), so Sticky tire is the correct one moving forward. Please have your team members contact support for a solution. Appreciate your feedback.
  10. Hello, Head over to your google play store or App Store and search for Crash Turbo Arena Stars. Good luck,
  11. Hello, you posted this over 10 times, please post once moving forward to avoid suspension. Heres the tutorial, Any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask, good luck.
  12. Beautiful fights, should consider participating in MadCats on the discord server, good luck.
  13. District 1 - Ice Cream Mace District 2 - Sticky tire District 3 - Lantern District 4 - Dragon Roller x2 District 5 - Cannon x2 District 6 - Dragon Knob x3 District 7 - Dragon Mortar x3 District 8 - Death Ray x2 District 9 - Flamethrower x2 District 10 - Santa Gift x3
  14. Phil got it, I updated my list above also 👍👍