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  1. English: Hi The team son of sun recruits any cat (or kitten) motivated to make the kings of the city and band fights!! lvl 10 without minimum prestige, only motivation and listening matter contact me by MP on facebook so that I note your nickname in game https: //Facebook/dennis.ernau , or specify that you come following this message. I try to sort between 20h30 and 21h every Monday, you will have more chances to have a free place at that time Good game and thank you
  2. Hello, Great post (: !! Appreciate your insight. Only players who care about advancement thinks this way. Lets review/fix a couple of things: - Toolboxes do stack (up to 120%) - Toolboxes do cost differently according to the parts rarity, starting at 123 up to 780 or more. The Toolboxes were introduced based on players needs and demands, players wanted an edge to compete in Ultimate Leagje and getting as close as possible to 20/20 wins. Then the Toolboxes became useful in the All Stars mode, and still are a big part of it. They will not become a replacement for ‘parts’ that would defeat the purpose. But having them become sellable in the future is definitely a great option that may happen in the future. This is for your information and happy gaming. 👊
  3. Hello, you cannot currently change your in game username. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Not possible, this is a server/client game. If it’s offline it’ll be like solitaire.
  5. Looks like the Bike game, I’ll try it.
  6. Please find the below link for the most common tips to Prestige in the game, activity is key. Good luck (:
  7. Hello, The following Guide contains all the information you need, HP, Attack, Parts needed, Cash needed. Good luck (:
  8. Don’t gamble next time. I didn’t buy any because we will get it sooner or later. Sorry you feel that way and good luck.
  9. Take a screenshot with your phone and clean it with an editing app (Photoshop) is recommended.
  10. Hello, Thanks for posting here.please contact support with your email address used to see if they can help, you can reach them here:
  11. Use ingame support and submit a ticket buddy. I doubt they’ll hand you over a gang you abandoned, it may have leadership running/members etc. but give it a shot (: good luck
  12. I could not have worded it better (: 👍
  13. The image in game said soon, an announcement was made that I was soon after Halloween. So very near! 👌
  14. The change display name feature is disabled. For security and other reasons. Sorry for the inconvenience (:
  15. The Ultimate Fight Contest: Brought to you by NonPrestigers in celebration of launching our improved website v 1.0 Https://NonPresigers.Com Prizes: First place ($20 Gift Card in iTunes or Google Play) Second Place ($10 Gift Card in iTunes or Google Play) Competition: The ultimate win, so close in health that you didn't think you'd make it. The decision will be based on Creativity of the build (Design), Length of the fight, and overall excitement, the lower your health bar is, the better. For a sample on the perfect candidate, we've chosen this clip: Click Here To Watch Please read all the rules and guidelines below before participating and may the best CAT wins - Competition will run from today until the 31st of July 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, you have enough time to grind and encounter the perfect situation - Winners will be chosen and messaged on the forum to receive the gift card code - Only one submission per Forum User is allowed, reply to this post with your win (Can use either a regular or UL fight) | No Spamming - No trolling other participants to avoid disqualification, simply post your submission (YouTube, GIF, etc) and mention iTunes or Google Play under it Judges - Zak Attack, Anon, Deviana, Leo (NonPrestige Gods and very experienced players in the CAT Community Click the below image to join our Discord if you have any questions before making your submission on this post. Disclaimer: This contest is not associated with ZeptoLab and solely hosted by the NonPrestige Gang | All related Graphics are copyrighted to their respective owners.
  16. Congratulations to the below winners!!!! And thanks to everyone for participating in our first competition/giveaway. We appreciate each and everyone of you (: Stay awesome. - First place winner: @Marcolpz - Second place winner: @Reaper_CATS - Honorable mention winner: @Ravi Well done and amazing fight, creativity and victory. The forum chat says ‘Inbox is full’ yet again, kindly visit our Discord Channel: and @ANON @Jio ,we will DM you the google play gift card codes you won. If you do not have Discord, please message me on the forums. Happy Wednesday
  17. Competition is over, thank you everyone who participated, we really appreciate it and enjoy being part of the this wonderful community (: !! Winners and prizes will be announced in 24 hours.
  18. Update: Contest ends on the 31st as planned, 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Winners and gifts will be announced and distributed 24 hours from the ending time (7:00 PM pacific Standard Time on the 1st) if we get more submissions, a third winner for ‘Honorable mention’ will also be announced. There’s still time, thank you and we look forward for more submissions! 🔥🔥🔥
  19. Your own battle, otherwise he owner of the fight will earn the prize and want to claim it if won. Good luck. 🙂
  20. Great 2 submissions so far, thank you all! The example link seems to be broken, here’s the fixed one: Good luck
  21. Hey guys, I can never message anyone, I always get the error ‘inbox full’, I had 2 messages, deleted both conversations but nothing happened! Any ideas? Thanks.
  22. Quick and efficient! That worked thanks!! 👍
  23. Would love for that to happen, as Zak said, it’s been asked multiple times! I’m sure the time will come when it’s adopted! We just need to hang in there. Great suggestion.
  24. Good to see you here Dissy!! 🔥🔥 Happy Friday
  25. Hello CATS, A new gang in town, we are climbing slowly but surely! looking for active members who love the game and login daily. Rules of engagement: - Must have a minimum of 50 trophies per 3 days cycle, it’s minimum effort when you check your game only once a day. - No random city kings attacks, always follow the foot steps of others unless you start on a building first, unity is everything. - Must have a sense of humor, we are a great bunch and always learning and sharing experiences. I’m currently prestige 11 but staying in 11 for a while to help the gang with trophies, always max 10 opponents per round, trophies between 550-850. Gang is now working on rank 4-5 box per cycle. Please pm me with your cats name and prestige so I empty a spot for you, let’s make this the best out there and have fun doing it. - Jio, your future leader and friend.