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  1. Nice!! Haven’t even seen this weapon before! Looks great I will get it someday haha!!
  2. Thanks a lot Phill, I’m planning on doing that, more ultimate fights and remaining in gold to build up parts and tickets, I should have done this when I installed this game. Thanks for the suggestion, once I get my laser and blade higher I will try it for sure, my laser is still at 3,000 and blade 2,000, but I get what you’re saying. Thanks for the tips
  3. Thanks for the feedback, not very constructive but semi-helpful. i rather like your Ultimate Designs (: and you are right, I’m surprised by the scores myself, but no complaints here, at least it didn’t cost any gems. Yes I’m behind, I didn’t do any league fights in quite sometime, got back to it in June for my team. So building and learning. Thanks again.
  4. Without using Gems:
  5. Thanks for the feedback Zak, appreciate it (: 👍 you are always active on the forums! Leading by example is the best way to go, you’re absolutely right. Keeping up with members who don’t speak in chat is still the hardest. Waiting on CATS to implement an activity status sometime in the future. Happy Thursday.
  6. Funny I found this post, for me it’s been the 7th, always the 7th then 8/9/10 not as bad! Good catch (:
  7. Update: So far my car designs worked great, in both prestige and gang fights, up to prestige 12 now. Next is the Ultimate Machines. Because of the Energy limitations on the vehicles it’s hard to be as creative, please check it out and any suggestions are appreciated (:
  8. One spot open, please let me know your name/prestige. Gang Updates: - Active 24 members - Minimum 39 trophies per cycle (easy to maintain and not get kicked out) - City Kings improving slowly, working on a new system for communication. So far so good. - Minimum prestige 2 for new applicants.
  9. I also cannot post any Gifs, I tried one and the reply was just blank, even though it works on preview before posting. If anyone has any ideas.
  10. Hello Volt, thanks for the reply, it’s full right now but I can empty a spot if needed, I will pm you, just send me your name in the game and I will coordinate, thanks.
  11. Update! We still have some spots, thanks to all who joined (: appreciate it
  12. Hello, just a suggestion that’s been on my mind for a while, we could use he ability to add friends from our gang to friendlist, to keep in touch and view activity status. We always have to guess who’s active and who quit, a feature to add and see status ‘last seen’ would be a phenomenal help to all gang leaders out there, to cut out loses for trophies on early stages, instead of hoping and waiting for the whole 3 days before replacing inactives. Thanks, Jio.
  13. Sounds great, but step by step! I’d be satisfied with ‘last seen’ to begin with, then they can improve on the feature. It’s really frustrating to wait for 3 days giving someone a ‘chance’ to show up. Etc. but great addition indeed, appreciate the feedback.