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  1. Thanks you ZakAttack, but as Kphan said i already joined fat cats
  2. Looking for an active and friendly gang with extremely active players in CK, I am Pres 12 Stage 6 Active daily CK Best Global Ranking was 280 last month, after update it's lower lol Trophies Per Cycle 3 days +100 sometime more , just depends on my opponents , if you are interested let me know and i will check later
  3. Looking For Active Gang Members to join PUSS N BOTS If interested please reply to this post Min Prestige : 3 Min Trophies Daily : 35 Must be active in City Kings We are a fun gang you'll like it 100% Guarantee
  4. i joined the gang and waiting for next CK
  5. Hello There, My GT is Yazzan
  6. Hi there I haven't been on the forums for a while, if you still have an open spot let me know My machines got even stronger since then
  7. Hi there i haven't been on the forums for a while lol Is your offer still standing ? i'll check the forums again later
  8. Hi there I haven't been on the forums for a while, if you still have an open spot let me know
  9. Hello there, i just joined but after looking you need me to post here before joining check the below for my profile
  10. I am looking for a new gang, since i joined back in Nov 2017 i have been active daily and had my own gang but since it's too difficult to create and manage a great active gang i decided to join a gang. I am Prestige 7 currently closing in on 8 Very active in city kings ! my best global ranking every was 380s As for trophies it's not always a steady count, i can get very high or low depending on my opponents i prefer a gang with whatsapp or a similar communication app to make it easier than the in game chat system to have better organized attacks
  11. Looking for active players in City Kings, Requirements: 1- Must join our whatsapp group for better communication 2- Must be active daily and especially in City Kings 3- Min presteige 3 4- Trophies min per 3 days 150 9 open spots, if interested join PANIC ATTACK PANIC ATTACK#29534
  12. Looking for active players in City Kings, Requirement: 1-Prestige 1 or higher 2-Whatsapp required for gang communication Open spots: 5 Trophies: 150/3day Language: EN Gang ID: Panic Attack#29534 or Try Panic Attack We are active in all events daily and we help each other with strategies and any other
  13. Hello there i am looking for active players to join my gang. I play daily and have been none stop for months among other memebers of the gang. Would prefer someone that can get 100+ points and for to assist in the ultimate gang fight I have around 6 free spots, prestige 1 minimum for entery so if you want to join check the gang name below 👍 GANG NAME : PANIC ATTACK