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  1. No but thats hilarious
  2. How do i get the whale in the ultimate league?
  3. How do you get ultimate parts like the freezing repulse and the horseshoe thing? Do you need to be a certain prestige?
  4. If you win 10/10 gang fights how many trophies do you get for that?
  5. bet a lot.
  6. What seriously?! No way i could remember it but wish i knew that when it closed lol
  7. Yeah i remember good ol backyard battles. Then i lost all my data and quit because i didnt back it up on facebook lol
  8. What are all the ways to get gems? I only know that you can promote to get gems.
  9. In the basement where there are the super vehicles or whatever they are called, what are all the ways to get more parts?
  10. I cant get the super minigun box. If i try and send it and someone clicks on the link it doesnt give me 1/5. Does someone need to click the link?? Is it glitched?