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  1. I've seen that too, can be very confusing for choosing the right part. Here is what I have obsevred. I noticed that rewards from Steve's boxes sometimes are getting premium bonuses: same star gadget needs less power to be mounted on a car and I think the same applies to the health ammount on parts too. So I think it is Steve's boxes that is doing this.
  2. Couldn't find better topic Wanted to say, part of me don't like the subtext to the Uncle SAM's new weapon. Other part still thinks it's funny lol You know, big balls, uggly looking aggressive face with big hat and american flag on it, making chaos and mess and defensless many, previously strong builds... Makes the kids subconsciously hate everything associated with that flag. But knowing from what country are game creators, that was to be expected.
  3. That is if some of the gang has one. Not all are hardcore players /gangs there. I still don't find justified enough reason to keep installed and running 24/7 discord on my phone (I''m kind of person that don't like to keep running unnecessary apps in background, wasting resources). But on the other hand I am not that hard into games anyway so I'm not best judge here. Wish they will fix the in game chat system soon to make it more user friendly (copy/paste option, text editing, more chat history, hyperlinks etc.). Still alternative (and quite desperate lol) way is to communating there since this is still official C.A.T.S. forums (with badly inmplemented, almost non existing private messaging system I must say).
  4. What ads are you talking about? The movies you must watch for rewards, news annoucement pop ups or something on your screen unreleated to the game? If last one, it is your phone or tablet doing this! Or maybe you have logged in Google Games and are getting notifications?
  5. As you said "you will have spent all that money for nothing." But I would not say "for nothing", you had more victories, instant stage skips - thanks to the parts you purchased. And it is not the end of the game, it is just the begining. Most gangs will not take you seriously if you don't have prestiged.
  6. Welcome to the game world.
  7. So basically you are out of new cities and It will go in circle again?
  8. I agree with your title, it should be played with more fun, less grief
  9. A dead fact.
  10. That is understandable that you have to wait 3 days before you can get Gang Boxes. I know about that update. But I thought you could still contribute trophies to the gang, you just don't get the Gang Box reward? Has it been all the way like this this is another more recent update? You should ask support to update (hack or whatever lol) your profile, we don't have to follow rules, that are silly and stupid. If you can't chat for now I guess you just have to pay 10 gems, it is not that much, you can collect that amount of gems from superboxes and regular boxes or by prestiging in no time.
  11. If this is true then explain in chat to the new gang that you are not allowed to play Gang Fights in three day time - I am sure they will understand and change their rules according to this new update 'improvement' BTW, how much gems you are asked to pay?
  12. If you have already earned daily trophies in some other gang and you are in, let's say, 9/10 place in Gang Fights, then joining new gang won't reset your trophies or add your old trophies to the new gang. To contribute to the new gang you need to keep going and defeat 9/10 and 10/10 opponent in Gand Fights then reset for 30 gems if you wish. It's always been that way. But if you are talking about something like if you join the new gang and you are REQUIRED to pay gems to start GF even if you were at 1/10 OR if you can't open Gang Fights at all without the 3 day circle then it is something new and I would also like to know what's going on?
  13. You loose everything (including toolboxes) except gems and you are given some aditional gems, coins and always-the-same skin for starting a new life so to say.
  14. I play several times a day, I have one of the strongest builds in our gang and my prestige level is closer to the end side than start BUT I already have a gang... not one of the top ones but beeing faithfull to my gang close to a year now I believe, sorry bud, best of luck!!! Good active players are quite hard to find - either they are way too hardcore and play in top gangs only or they are hot blooded/ beginers who's enthusiasm ends in the first two weeks and they are going inactive or leave to find yet another better gang
  15. Sometimes happens to me too. I restart the game and it usually goes away. As for "you need to watch the full video" if there is SKIP option, sometimes you could press it too early even if the button is active, just wait a little longer. But "there is no videos" message, haha you run out of luck, I guess... take a rest, do something else, come back and (hopefully) videos will be in stock again