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  1. and when you manage to prestige 60, then your cat life dies. Nowhere else to go, end of story. Game over. So enjoy your jorney while it lasts.
  2. Well, you can also get huge amounts of free gems by entering special links in your mobile internet browser or by those redeem codes, only problem is they both are highly classified lol
  3. If we are talking about gems, fastest way to grow them is to go on next prestige plus skip first 4-5 stages, guaranteed 100 gems in less than half hour.
  4. See? Even more simplier. No need to complicate things.
  5. This is kind of question only you can answer. Why you need to do this? For fun? No better way to spend money? Something else maybe? Who knows.
  6. Isn't it easier just to uninstall game from Play Store then install again with desired username? Whats different in your method?
  7. If you get it on Furry Road then fine, otherwise not worth spending money - you will loose it along with other weapons the moment you prestige anyway.
  8. Sometimes these little suckers prevent me from prestiging to the next level but I have good medicine against them - often it is enough just to place shotgun close to the rear or make car move slower with smaller wheels or sometimes no wheels at all or put some nice blade on the second slot, ofcourse you have to have decent body for it but if not that, double rocket will always do it's job against these little sneaky bodies, not always it works against all enemies with the same setup but it always pays off in satisfactory when I see them beat up lol
  9. I get it now what you talk about but still don't understand why you are so mad about it? One game rules for all. This time it is more difficult. But so it is for all players, not just you. Money spenders will be always. No different in previous events and no different in current event. You have to adapt to the new rules. When I play and I am not sure how the new field modifier will go on my cars, I choose weakest enemy car, when I know how my car plays on a field I can go for stronger cars - if not sure, I leave and save score (that would be tricky if you are not in safehouse so you have to play smart. better leave with lower score than try to earn some extra points and loose everything).
  10. I wonder which weapon or field modifier do you refer as hiding shit lol...
  11. You can get engine from All Stars Event first 29 places. It is supposed to be rare. I feel your pain. Wiser move from you if you were spending $100 anyway was to buy 10 battery packs and fight your place below 30th - that would give you granted engine part... And no, it's not becoming a rip-off, maybe for some money spenders but not the rest of us.
  12. Need to go next pretige level for higher chance of getting better parts.
  13. One slot available at the moment, prestige lowered, join fast! Currently at district 2 in Purris, going for war loot, winning yet another war. Would love to see both who can do City Kings and Gang Fights, last 2 fights we were short in about 400 trophies to reach level 5 gangbox so strong player there would be great to have.
  14. Don't mistake skill points upgrades that add +1 -> +2 -> +3 to all Titans, Surfers, etc. with Power Toolboxes that add +2 power to individual cars. I would also like +3 power toolboxes lol
  15. So you are suggesting that the current City Kings top gangs move out from disctrict 10 so that your gang can sneak in? *joking*