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  1. Khm... if you are talking about that special player category then why not, otherwise spending money on 'nothing' is not the best way to get gems faster, you must learn to collect them more by not spending money.
  2. Uhm, just doing boxes in time and prestige every 2 days and instant with good builds will do the trick and get gems faster than half of the other players who are too bored to work with boxes or don't care about prestiging. Doesn't need to be "superactive" - just opening boxes in time, watching ads every 24 hours once a day will give dozen of gems, building good machine to get promoted every 2 days or instant when get lucky with good body will do the trick most of the time and when you go next prestige, you will build gems up very fast by instant promoting first 4-5 stages. Ofcourse if you are one of those players that wants gems now and today, only option for beeing so impatient is $$$ penalty for donating to developers.
  3. If he send that pm to me, he can wrote back here later if he reseived anything or not, fair enough lol As for gems, instant promotes work best to give you free gems, especially when you are on first stages, add some workout on boxes (watch these damn ads), unlock it time, watch from time to time live stream redeem codes for excange with gems and golden boxes and you are good to go. Don't spend them on worthless things and you will have a good collection with them in no time!
  4. Actually I found that often diamond body works better than pyramid, when it flips over it lands perfectly on roof and can continue shoot double rockets on enemy while pyramid bodies just flips on the side and are helpless (if not equipped with blade ofcourse).
  5. PM me for working redeem code. I can't send message to you because my inbox is 'full' or at least that's what that pop up window (all praises goes to that "genius" coder who wrote that worthless message) tells me for my one standalone letter in inbox lol.
  6. Oh yea, it's back now for me too.
  7. What is back? Are you talking about ads? Hmm, just tried, nope, no watch ads button for skipping time. Its still missing.
  8. Yea, adds are gone but as long as they are gone for all players, I don't care that much. Those who buy tickets, will continue to buy, those who don't, this change won't affect anything anyway.. Unlock in time your boxes, get the timing right, help a little with few gems if needed, when the box is open, unlock another one. You still can get tickets by this approach and if it affects all players, it won't make much difference in League Fights anyway. Zeptolab can only keep dreaming when the adds are removed, more players will start spending real money on gems. Not gonna happen.
  9. Depends how active you are, what is your progress rate (have you instant promoted to next stage), do you do League Fights and have earned a shield. Daily participion in City Kings is required. Your prestige level 0 could be a problem though, because requirement a the moment is prestige 1
  10. One spot currently open, join quickly!!! We are fast progressing gang, active chat, great leader, all the things you could wish for... See you there!
  11. Trophies is not that much about gang but your strategy building 3 good cars and upgrading parts. Building one super strong car is not going to help get more trophies because you will have to face against super strong bot cars as well. Join our gang if you can do better in time and will take active part in City King fights. We have great leader, we are active in chat and City King fights, currently at District 5 and our goal is rank 5 gang box every 3 days. Send pm me if interested.
  12. Let's say you are in the League Fights fighting oponent and you accidentally quit or your game crashed. In the following dialog window you will read that you will loose the score - press OK or PAY xx amount of gems. Now, this is fine if you have actually loosed the fight but not so much fine if you were going to win but fight was interrupted in the middle. While I understand that for game creators it is another possible source for $$$ (for game fanatics who will pay gems not loose the score) but if they have an honour (they do not strive for dirty money) it would be required to add CONTINUE fight button if the fight was not finished.
  13. Forgot the chainsaw in Titan build, it will cut the rope avoiding to flip over, so yeah, with this you are pretty much screwed up. Use gems then, 10 is not that much to pay. When you prestige and go instant through first stages, you got quite a lot of gems actually. Talking about gems, I remember back in time, when there was couple offers with -95%-99% discount or so and for 99 cents you could get 150 gems plus legendary(?) toolbox, now best you get is some ridiculous 15%-60% discounts starting from 5$ or more.
  14. I didn't quite follow, what is said here is that before this 'evil update' you had to pay less gems for free heal or what? I don't play game so long so I don't know what was before. Sure it is a bit high price and I was mad about this myself at the begining but more I play City Kings, more I am fine with that. If the price was like 10 gems or so, everybody would just use them equaly on both gangs and more those, who have set up in game purchase making them more privileged. So what's the point? But now, if the price is very high that most in their right mind will never pay, it makes gameplay more even and fair to most users, but let there be some 'sponsors' who buy tons of gems and donate to Zeptolab, making them happy and if they are happy, they make game better (hopefuly haha) thus we all benefit from it, right? About your ballons, I believe it has to aim at exact point to take the ballon down instantly, also as I can see from the pic, the enemy shooted at you 2 ballons that are stronger together than one ballon, you have to add that to count too. About Gang Fights - don't get ridiculous, you are at your 10/10 fight, is is supposed to be hard and you have to be smart with tricky builds to take the enemy down but that is possible in your case. You want to talk about uneven fights, alright, few times in my Gang Fights (not even close to 10/10) I got oponent with over million attack and 1/2 million helath against my not even 100k attack and well bellow 100k health. Now, this is unfair and clearly they are waiting me to spend 10 gems for replace but in your case as 10/10 fight it is pretty much well matched you just need to pump your health up to about 20-30k+ to survive that Titan's first double rocket hit (I estimate chainsaw's attack power arround 15-30k) then turn it over with the lifter. before it has a chance to cut you with the chainsaw or shoot another pair of double rockets which you most certainly would not survive.
  15. The horseshoe magnet? What does it do? Are you not mistaking with (or he reffering to) a dragon mortal who shoots explosive projectiles? Also, if I may ask, is the coach car thing from dristrict rewards too or a random obtained from containers? I am currently in prestige between 10 and 20, have gold shield and all Santa's parts, plus that nice frost sprinkler thing and ice cream mace that makes perfect match but no suitable car to put them on (corsair car is too clumsy for this). I need a coach badly lol