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  1. A dead fact.
  2. That is understandable that you have to wait 3 days before you can get Gang Boxes. I know about that update. But I thought you could still contribute trophies to the gang, you just don't get the Gang Box reward? Has it been all the way like this this is another more recent update? You should ask support to update (hack or whatever lol) your profile, we don't have to follow rules, that are silly and stupid. If you can't chat for now I guess you just have to pay 10 gems, it is not that much, you can collect that amount of gems from superboxes and regular boxes or by prestiging in no time.
  3. If this is true then explain in chat to the new gang that you are not allowed to play Gang Fights in three day time - I am sure they will understand and change their rules according to this new update 'improvement' BTW, how much gems you are asked to pay?
  4. If you have already earned daily trophies in some other gang and you are in, let's say, 9/10 place in Gang Fights, then joining new gang won't reset your trophies or add your old trophies to the new gang. To contribute to the new gang you need to keep going and defeat 9/10 and 10/10 opponent in Gand Fights then reset for 30 gems if you wish. It's always been that way. But if you are talking about something like if you join the new gang and you are REQUIRED to pay gems to start GF even if you were at 1/10 OR if you can't open Gang Fights at all without the 3 day circle then it is something new and I would also like to know what's going on?
  5. You loose everything (including toolboxes) except gems and you are given some aditional gems, coins and always-the-same skin for starting a new life so to say.
  6. I play several times a day, I have one of the strongest builds in our gang and my prestige level is closer to the end side than start BUT I already have a gang... not one of the top ones but beeing faithfull to my gang close to a year now I believe, sorry bud, best of luck!!! Good active players are quite hard to find - either they are way too hardcore and play in top gangs only or they are hot blooded/ beginers who's enthusiasm ends in the first two weeks and they are going inactive or leave to find yet another better gang
  7. Sometimes happens to me too. I restart the game and it usually goes away. As for "you need to watch the full video" if there is SKIP option, sometimes you could press it too early even if the button is active, just wait a little longer. But "there is no videos" message, haha you run out of luck, I guess... take a rest, do something else, come back and (hopefully) videos will be in stock again
  8. I don't remember seeing this message "OR STAY IN TOP 13 WHEN THE TIMER ENDS" On my game it shows "OR STAY IN TOP 6 WHEN THE TIMER ENDS" Never been there but only logical explenation (besides glitch or never-seen-before new game future) is that 13 instead of 6 shows up when you have reached highest prestige level and there is no more PRESTIGE button and you stay there forever, only rewards changes.
  9. On what stage was that?
  10. Nah, cats are much better. You make cars - let cats drive them. You make orders where and when to attack and cats will do their job. Your job is to get best parts for your cars and upgrade them when possible. The better you are at your job, the better cats will be at theirs. Don't you LOVE cats? Then you are in the wrong place, this is all about cats :)
  11. A post from the past... time to upgrade your PC, my friend, it is so slow, it takes week to transfer your text message through the internet for the event that ended more than a week ago. As for the event, what is this new spherical Ultimate Part with lashing light? We will all know tomorrow but some good guesses maybe? Some kind of new ultimate weapon? A wheel? Something else?
  12. Did you bought 50x FREE MOVIES pack for 250 gems? Seems like you run out of free movies. Either wait 24h for movies to restock again or buy additional pack. Simple as that.
  13. That was my reply to Phill. You see, I never quote last post if my reply goes directly under it, it is called good manners and respect to other forum members. On this site unfortunately only a few follow these rules. To answer your post, I agree with you. What else can be said? Two days is default time for Championship, sometimes they change it to 24 hours but it always goes up to 48 hours. I guess you have just to accept it. You can't promote twice as fast but your enemy too, so it is even
  14. You are trolling, right? Lost promotions? How? Sure, no fast instants even with excelent builds so may be it was upsetting event for one or two runners who happens to build op car and now realized that sooner or later they will run out of 'fishes' anyway or will get stuck on stronger opponent for some period of time. Yeah, for them sure, very upsetting... But to say it was down to "lost promotions" is way too incorrect. For an average player they could get promoted at least 2-3 times more in one regular Championship period. So instead of one promotion per 3 day cycle, they got more promotions in the Showdown event. Not less.
  15. That would be something, huh? No, they are matched with stage level you are currently at and for a good reason. Imagine your wooden sneaker 100hp body with a carbon minigun and 15k damage or a knob wheel on 2000hp, jeezz... that would ruin the game, wouldn't it?