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  1. I just prestiged and only met one enemy with tranq gun. I don't see a problem with pretige yet. If there is a problem currently then it's more in Gang Fights, sometimes you have enemy with tranq gun and then in most cases it is game over unless you reset or build high health car that can withstand enemy attacks while you are tranquilized and sometimes you can do that. Thankfully tranquilizers in Gang Fights are not that often seen.
  2. Good to see yet another app update has arrived after initial post! Not sure this will add something new to the current SKILL POINTS SHOP exchange from the last update, but who knows. I still have plenty remaining skills to deal with...
  3. It's been a while now and it is great to be able to exchange the skill points for goodies from the shop now! Before exchange my highest skill score was more than 1300 paws, it has been a fun collecting them but everything has to end. My only complain would be that the exchange items in the shop appears for too short period of time and I even don't know if I missed some already (hope not)! My highest trophy so far, I guess, was tranquilizer gun for decent cost of 20 paws, good timing for the recent scrap run too Now, if only we would be able to get some UL parts too, that would be awesome!
  4. And all the hype about nothing... you get like one container more for beeing in first places, just stay in top 26 and you are granted 3+1 Ultimate Parts and that is not hard to do even if you burn some tickets on the way P.s. that screenshot with 1st placer is crazy, looks like you jumped in competitive gang haha.
  5. AUD 2.99 translates to 1.82euro, if it is all that takes to get permanently kind of adds free, version of the game, then it is not worse or better than 90% all other games out there but popping out from nowhere like in youtube videos is no good, it's not how to keep new players interested in game, no idea why they are doing this. As for everything else - don't worry so much about that kind of players and their fight between them to be in first places, enjoy the very game play and the spirit in it so to say
  6. It was discussed before. Idea is good but can be abused by letting some gangs advance faster. Could be somehow avoided by adding more waiting time for the winning gang but then again, like it was said, it can be abused and some gangs would conquer the capital of City Kings way too fast.
  7. I wondered about this too, when you reach level 13 on ultimate parts, you can't get permanently higher than that, right? So at the end, it more or less evens P2W (Pay To Win) and P2W (Play To Win) players, when you reach certain level, isn't it so? Ofcourse there comes in count Ultimate Toolboxes you are getting from winning and buying stuff but they are not endless and P2W (Play To Win) players also gets them quite often. P.s. idk about ads, I see them only when watching movies or opening boxes but in normal game play they don't appear from nowhere so I am not quite sure what you are talking about. I hope not about informative popups about new game events or limited time offers and only when you start the game, because these are usefull.
  8. Your only bet is to up the health level enough to withstand enemy hits while you are tranquilized or try to destroy the tranquilizer like balloons with drill or other close range weapon or just wait for Championship to end, it won't last forever. Why didn't you get the tranquilizer? It was on the recent Scrap Run event somewhere in the middle of the road run, not too hard to get if you did more or less regular fights, even if you missed some of them. It is really cool weapon to play with but too powerful for sure...
  9. Yes, they are too powerful but because they are one time item only and will be lost after prestige, I don't see much problem here (unless Gang Fight bots will keep the new weapons forever, then it could be a pretty big mess). Some things to note. You will not win any fight for granted, there are some exceptions. 1. If both players have them, both will have the same effect. 2. They can get neutralized by correctly placed enemy's drill or similar non-moving weapon, they can miss a shot if enemy's car is too low or on some weird circumstances. So what can be said, enjoy the new weapon while it lasts and btw, I LOVE that it stops these sneaky flyers before they have a chance to fly, it is so satisfying to watch them freeze in the air! Haha.
  10. 2. ... - Not necessarily. The ultimate parts can only be updated to level 13, right? So the 'long term players' or even more, Phil's version of PTW (Pay To Win) players, will have already maxed their ultimate parts. So, if the skills points can be exchanged with ultimate part, say 100-1000 per one part, depending of ultimate part rarity, I see no big problem here. Long time players will get some more parts, but it would be only fair. You have to earn your place. Long time players are not that much problem here but like Phil said, first place gang players (read - game sponsors) are but they don't bother normal players that much anyway. Cat pawns shop would be awesome idea. For one, if I could share an unused ultimate part for 10 pawns to someone in gang for 24h/one City Kings fight, that would add dynamics and much fun to the game. In that way strongest gangs will not become stronger because all players already have plus or minus equal strong parts but it will benefit smaller gangs with strong leaders who want to support less powerful new players and at the same time such small change will not noticeably mess up gangs balance.
  11. Yet another server crash? For last several hours error code pops up: Connection to the server was lost. Please check your internet connection. In the past, shortly after application update was announched ready to download from Store. Now there is no update and no announcement were made about possible server maintanance. Servers failed, again.
  12. Seems fixed now but is was some worrying glitch. Still would be good to hear Zeptolabs statement what the hell was that?
  13. This morning all were fine but then suddenly all gangs are missing and you have to creat new gang or join existing but no existing gangs available and Ultimate League is loading forever... Seems like the only ones working are Grand Prix and Championship fights. If this is major reset and all gang leaders are be required to re-create their gangs, zeptolab absolutely must give 100 free gems to all players or at least gang leaders or this will look like dirty way to force everyone buying gems for recreating gangs, I still think this is some kind of bug that will be fixed immediately or you risk loosing way too much players.
  14. Agree with everything - changes are good thing generally - but boosters. Their hoping in air should be banned. That frauder strategy thinking is just way too wrong. We have better ways to build tricky cars. You mean adding variables like like who has custom costume or more painings on the car body or something like that? Or it's hard to imagine why weaker car realisticly should win stronger car in the same conditions. Randomly blown tire, maybe? BTW, Jio why you don't just admit, Paw points update project was long time dead. No one is working on it. Maybe it will resurrect some day, who knows.
  15. Get that money thinking out of your head. Seriously. Don't advertise it! In most games there will be f r e a k s or hardcore players that will spend money. Let them have the first places - they can't win otherwise. Don't let hem bother, you can do nothing about it and it's not worth thinking about. I play Grand Prix and I don't spend a cent. I am arround 40th place right now and it's good enough for me. 15 cutter rocket bodies I take any time (price for beeing in 30th to 69th place). The price is good and I play for FUN! If I reached 40th without spending anything, that means, vast majority don't and that's the right way to do. Let those few rest sponsor the game creators in behalf of all of us, that's the way I think about it lol There is much to be learned how to play Grand Prix. Here is one of the tips for you. - First 3 slots are sponsor slots, they renew hourly IF they are empty. You want to keep them empty when you take break from the game. Enemy is too hard? Take first 3 cars, wait one hour for them to regenerate, hit enemy again to the point you have weakened enemy enough you can take it out with your remaining cars ''purchased'' in the store. - choose smart which cars to exchange for fans in the store and when. Observe enemy cars if you better need lifter, shotgun, blade to avoid enemy weapons or just brutal force from rocket launchers. Often you can flip enemy car over and than it is easy victory, keep the cars in the garage that can do that. - if you are lucky to get fan booster(s), put it on the car with most slots and never use that car in fights unless you are certain it will win. I have +30 fan boost from 3 tickets I was lucky to have in first levels and it gives you roughly additional 1k for each 6k reward fight. You don't want to loose that. And the best part of the Grand Prix is that unlike All Stars event, you don't have to play hard all the time. Just enter the event, play a little and leave it till you are ready to play again. Those fuel cans will add up regardless you play all day or not and that's the only thing that will keep you back. You will loose nothing by not playing all day except hourly sponsor cars but that is not that big factor anyway,