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  1. I have refreshed more than a few times.. That button comes only active when you have defeated all of your opponents. Good luck! I noticed the higher stage you are the harder it is to get to the next stage, even if you just started the new event. So all of you who are on last stages, you are screwed BTW, I would translate P2W rather Play2Win, it's all on perspective how you look at it. There are a few game sponsors who pay on behalf of all of us and I thank them for that so we can have a good game to play and developers are motivated to keep it alive and then there are rest of us - vast majority, who just enjoy the game and are successfull players without spending $$ for that.
  2. Usually closing, wiping out from memory and restarting game should help. If not, clear game cache (but not data at this point). If that too does not help, clear all data or reinstall game (making sure you have saved your progress). If still no success, contact support.
  3. If you link to your Facebook Account (assuming you have one) via game settings, then you can do a fresh install on other device and reconnect to Facebook via settings and the game will ask you which account do you want to use. Simple as that.
  4. So from all the suggestions and improvements needed to add to the game all they did was they added another set of packs to already existing item packs for players to spend even greater amount of money and named it Black Market? That is THE UPDATE? Black Market? How pathetic is that? Can anybody see another visible improvement to the game except this "spend more gems" Black Market?
  5. Ultimate parts are for the builds you use in City Kings, Ultimate League and All Stars events. They remain in seperate section in game, where you have your Ultimate League builds. They don't mix up with regular parts and you can't sell, fuse with different parts or bet them either. You get Ultimate Parts from ship containers. You get regular parts from toolboxes.
  6. You loose all kinds of boxes except if you have unopened toolboxes, you keep them.
  7. No way, genius I guess Good tips goes for Phil and my part is for whatever in OP's request lol
  8. Find a good (active) gang and stay there, try to be invisible, they will do all hard work for you. On every day collect ultimate containers and on every 3rd day collect gang boxes the gang has provided for you. Bigger wheels are faster and more resistant to damage, always throw away smaller wheels for exchange with coins or fuse them in other parts. The same goes for bodies, Titans are the best (the name says it all), the higher the weapon slots are the more coverage they can take, if you get Titan with two top weapon slots and +100 to shotgun, you are golden. Avoid small Whales and Sneakies, they look cool but are weak in battles. Weapons are no exception, the bigger and more weapon stick out from your body, the better, your best bet is stinger, it will cut your enemy car in half in no time, chainsaw is most powerfull but shorter, not always it will stick out from the body as it should. Toolboxes are very usefull, whenever you are short in coins, sell them to get great amount of coins. Hope that helped and yeah, you welcome.
  9. From rank 5 you are starting to get ultimate parts for your ultimate cars, rank 5 is golden box and 1 ultimate part so I am guessing rank 6 is a golden box and 2 ultimate parts and so on ... somebody can confirm but I am pretty sure that is what it is.
  10. Khm, what is double lifter on Classic? My favorites: 1. Bolder: Knobs/Chainsaw/Forklift 2. Titan: Tires/Shotgun/Double rocket/backpedal 3. Sneaky: Bigfoots/drill/booster
  11. As far as I know wheels can have +120% to body or body can have +120% to wheels so this love box you can add to the body but if you try to add it to the wheels, it will reject it. Try sliding it over the wheels (do not drop) and see what happens.
  12. In short - you can purchase toolboxes for both Championship and Ultimate league cars. 1) Cheapest price - 125 palms is for regular helath/attack toolboxes you use in championships. 2) Middle priced - 250 palms for +10% 12h standard grade ultimate toolbox. 3) High price - 500 palms goes for 1h no energy requirement weapon slot to fuse with ultimate body. Keep an eye when palms are full 500/500 and replace them with goods in time because if you don't your new earned palms (or keys if you wish) in CAT-NIVAL event will be wasted.
  13. Actually I enjoy new modifiers very much, I like them better than fire or no gravity madness. I can earn same score than in previous events so nothing has changed there. BTW, to move on ice you need a flying wheel, it will be slow but you will not be crashed by wall if it comes to that lol and if you can't move at all, use range weapons to reach enemy at distance, laser is your best bet.
  14. Add penalty for surrender like all uncle Tony's rewards be suspended for next 12 hours or so, gang still need wait certain amount of time before joining new fight and are automatically demoted 10 steps from global leaderboard But agree, can be abused.
  15. OK, now the issuses have been somehow fixed, it is less laggy now and chat window opens up as fast or almost as fast as before. Still some smaller barely noticable delays here and there that was not before but nothing worth mentioning.