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  1. Other than spending gems... well, if you go prestige after stage 24 your opponent cars will be dropped to wooden parts, that's the one way to go. You would only need to skip 2 stages or 1 stage if your championship ends today and you stay on top 6 players.
  2. When upgrade takes only 50-250 cash you don't care much because you earn more than you can spend before the next upgrade. I guess the statement ~not upgrading every part~ becomes valid only when more than one part becomes close to the maximum level available and upgrading part(s) takes close to 10k for each. Not there yet, maximum level part(s) I have are on level 7 a few wheels and had to spent no more than 250-300 cash for the upgrades and I have about 15k cash available.
  3. I thought this indeed is some kind of bug or to give players a better view of the field with some of the car configurations but that does make sense. However (correct me if I am wrong) you are not required to tap on the slots to start the fight, you can click anywhere so I don't see how this can help to prevent lazy players from cheating with the fights. If you moved confirmation window to different position from time to time, now that would really interrupt most autoclickers. If zeptolab really wants to get rid of autoclickers, I see only one ~bullet proof~ way of doing so - make some kind of simple verification code (text image, random question etc.) required to enter after each 30 fights or so before you can continue with the fights.
  4. Not random but at certain stages, keep promoting and you will get your chests sooner or later.
  5. Will the collected keys from mid autumn festival be back? What do you guys think? I had several hundreds of them and there was a message on box that it will expire in 36 hours or so and then in the next morning, before the said deadline, all the keys were gone for good and replaced with one of those 'great offer' deals,- would I know it, I would have replaced my collected keys for some greater price gifts. I feel cheated.
  6. As we grow higher and go farther, our current prestige level is set at 5 and we are currently building our way to discrict 9 building, it's a long way and we need new players to help us. Recently there were inactive player kicks so we have currently 5 spots available and because of the prestige level set to relatively high, we can't get players ordinary way so quick as we would want it. Our aim currently is rank 5 gangboxes but we hope improve it in future. If you are prestige level 5 or higher you are welcome to join our friendly gang! We are not aiming to be at first places just to let you know if you are that kind of player but our moto is play game for fun and only for that. Just a few rules to be aware of - be kind, chat active and remember that scouts are for team use - and be very welcome in out gang!!!
  7. Don't worry, just restart the game, your reward will not go anywhere.
  8. All our machines are called 'bots' or automatically piloted verchiles, so I don't know what's your point here, I prefer call them cats driven verchiles though lol
  9. In one day going from stage 1 to 10, guys this is gold find! Sure some of you will find a spot for him prestige requirment does not allow to join my gang unfortunately... but if you instant so fast, come back one week later and we'll see what I can do.
  10. Well I kinda don't like you don't get any containers from 11-100 place, it should be 4 containers if 101-1000 have 2 containers...
  11. hmm, that's interesting, slot just appeared on my UFO, weird...
  12. Good joke but I would not be too much surprised if they actually offered to buy upgrade slots lol
  13. Ha ha and to add to that, it has 25 power, what a bummer!
  14. Latest version 2.12.2 (15.08.2018) update news description: - a new option to disable system messages in the gang chat... Where is that option? Can't seem to find that. Perhaps it is available only for gang leaders to disable gang activity messages if they choose to do so for the whole gang?
  15. Ok.