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  1. You are right. There is no point if you are going to prestige and you need to do so to keep up with others until you reach level 60 and then game is over, you are done, time to quit. Simple as that. Morality is following - don't buy expensive items at the very last stages when you are about to prestige. Never.
  2. I would like to add something to the suggestions. Perhaps inbuild translation really is too hard to implement in game but COPY chat text would be very usefull and not so hard to implement? Status mode for beeing online. Good idea. To add to that I would also like to see if everyone has read chat messages. Something like "last seen in chat xx minutes ago" as it helps to understand if specified (all) team members are up to date of what's going on.
  3. On the contrary, I find slow wheels most usefull when applied on bodies with long range weapons. They are not only more stable but help stay away from enemies melee weapons for longer time. I find only problem, that all these new parts costs thousands of blue's to upgrade and will take ages to do so.
  4. I go for Burlin*** something lol
  5. Well, if some people are too lazy to do a few swipes a day and consider it awfull time wasting (in the same time spending hours to do other useless things) then I have nothing to add. Kinda reminds me of some websites who put useless crapbutton (taking up screen space) on bottom corner of the screen to do an autoscroll because some lazy people can't reach the home button on keyboard or a few websites who do autoscroll to the last post (on mobile browsing), again, to please a few lazy people. Get the point? How many people are like you or the OP? Why create an option that only some will find usefull? Besides, how you will manage to exclude items that you do not want to sell (ideal bodies, +120%'s, etc.), if you are too lazy sliding items then finding right ones in the mess will be easier? Yeah, right. P.s. please don't quote last post, you are creating a mess even there
  6. Are you serious? Sliding things in corner takes no longer that 10-15 seconds for regular daily rewards (including watching ads for more boxes). In one of previous All Stars events where rewards included 10 GIANT boxes or so with 24 parts each plus magic toolboxes, that indeed took closer to 1/2 hour and was a bit painful to get rid most of them but not this! Perhaps I can suggest you when a new box is opened, throw parts away (or fuse them) rather immediately than build up the garbage and in that case I have a question, do you do things equally in your home too? Just clean up the mess before it is grown up to the point it takes several hours to fix for god's sake!
  7. To find a specific gang in game, you must leave your gang and then you can do a search with keywords.
  8. Using touchscreen will be 100x times more comfortable then controling tiny arrow (because that will be all you have) with something else. This is not first person shooting game and therefore not designed for game controllers. Besides, these fine cars are driven by brave and smart cats and not by stupid human beings lol
  9. Didn't notice it comes with +5 extra power gadget slot so it makes total 20 power on two weapon slots, that makes it little more usable. Also I must say these new wheels from PIG's car parts with slowing down effect are quite interesting...
  10. Should have at least 20 power as Lunokhod X or Santa's Sleigh with 3 slots, but 15.... are you kidding me? Devs, correct this mistake at once!
  11. Unless you have mistyped something, golden rocket with 20K+ damage is not that hard to get, now imagine you have five star golden rocket with +120% damage on classic and classic have +120% attack on rockets and why not, add lifter with 120% damage on rockets and I am not even talking about toolboxes that (especially on last stages) adds huge amount of damage boost - there's your 20K rocket!!! Another story is if you are talking about 20 million damage, then most likely itiis a game generated bot. Now, real suprise would be, if you see that kind of damage on your gang, fighting with one of your gang members. About metal classic body, he has collected it from earlier stages, nothing special about that.
  12. It's just a baby bear, wait till it reaches level 10 and then one falling bear will anihilate your car to dust lol
  13. And there goes someone's claims (from other topic) that if you wait long enough your expired bets will free up sooner or later, guess he was wrong (as I thought from the begining).
  14. Maybe new phone will sort this out?
  15. Do you get the higher star reward after you close opened supply box and go back in your garage or it is already added as you see it? Because I have experienced that no crown boxes often give the same level gadgets and weapons and randomly even better than supply boxes with one or two crowns on it. If you have 4 star blade with a crown on it. Will it stay 4 star blade or it will turn 5 star blade in garage? If it turns 5 star blade then it makes sense, otherwise no worth effort.