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  1. Green means you are alive. More green is better. If you manage to be green 24h you get suprise box with ultimate parts but I didn't say that and don't take my word for it. I suggest also adding mark for those, who's cars are in City Kings. Would make great improvement for gang leaders to track player activity.
  2. Use a keywords to search for gangs in-game and join a gang who's name you like the most. That's a one way to find a gang. Also as it was said before, use top 100 gang list to find a free gang, not all gangs require 3rd party communication adware to use and if they do, I would try to avoid such gang - I like to be a free cat lol.
  3. Merry Christmas! I want to add - Furry Road was exactly P2W - Play To Win (as I like to call it) or P2W - Pay To Win (be a nice sponsor through game creators for benefit of all of us). It was possible to play and finish the road without spending money, if you were good enough in P2W (Play To Win) : 1) have prepared good cars (you knew the Furry Road was coming, it was announced at least week ago). 2) using strict strategy and experience from fighting previous Championships how to defeat other oponent cars at your stage. 3) was hard working to collect pins every hour and never missed one (who said it should come easy?). About that Nano Station - it is funny because I thought the opposite - I was under impression that it is still too weak and healing time needs more fine tunning and should be 1-2 times longer... on my testing Nano Station vs Freezing Gift, it was weaker despite the 60k healing power (on level 6) - that almost doubles my building rig health, the healing lasts only like 1 /10 of the second and then boom, you find yourself helpless against enemy attacks and you don't have the nice freezing and repulse effect from the Santa's gift.
  4. Don't do Furry Roads when you are about to Prestige or just Prestiged, you will not have any good builds yet. I feel you but there is not much you can do unless you are on last Prestige (level 70 currently?) then it is GAME OVER. Be a man, suck it up and Prestige. Happened to me few times too. Just start over and build even better cars.
  5. Is it possible to play at stage 13 (4 star military parts) and get 50k atack drill weapon? I got this screenshot from fight in Championship and some random first stage player is getting a carbon part? Care to explain? Can somebody can go to banda555 gang if possible and ask the player how he did it because it does not look normal? Or am I missing something here?
  6. I think there will be Furry Road HOT WHEELS event aften All Stars is over. You know, the one you fight in Championship, collect pins and get rewards for the first places. And I will not be surprised if there will be another All Stars event with Santa's sleigh parts... patience, it is not xmas yet.
  7. You mean, you can't type more than 5 times in search box? That is bad indeed.
  8. Good, I believe I already have all Hot Wheels parts but it won't hurt to play another 'Play-To-Win' Grand Prix event and possibly upgrade some parts and I heard some of the players don't have any Hot Wheels parts so here's your chance.
  9. And that is exactly why I get confused. Stage 13 have 4 star military parts. After military parts follow golden parts. Then carbon parts. This dude has a weapon from carbon parts while he is at military stage. You don't see something wrong here?
  10. What did you expect? All other cities were destroyed by cat fights. This is only that left.
  11. Same here, this time they made it harder even for usually Play-To-Win & Play Smart tactics - this game is made for and that always work well enough to be on first places (League Fights, Championship, Gand Fights, etc.). Not going stupid just because it is bit harder this time and spend money for buying flags for more cars (leave this job to the few game sponsors, as I like to call money spenders as they benefit us all) so let's see how far I will get. Still day to play so it is still possible to make it to the leadership board
  12. There were new plans and promises about this almost a year ago, isn't year long enough time for patient players?
  13. Hmm, didn't know there are wrenches limit you can collect in a day... That means, after 375 wrenches limit is reached: - opening boxes will give no more bonus wrenches - doing quick fights will give no more bonus wrenches - fighting Gang Fights will give no more bonus wrenches - no more 20 or 40 wrenches offers on billboard movies you must wait next day for the wrenches to be available again ^^ Everybody heard? Spend in forum more time you learn something new every day lol
  14. What do you mean, you can't? When you get wrenches (from boxes, doing fights or watching billboard) they don't add up to your total wrench count? Let's say, you have 270 wrenches, you open box that contains parts, coins and 10 wrenches. Where do they go? Disappear in the air? Still got only 270 wrenches? In that case contact support team immediately via game settings -> help -> chat and tell them about your bug in the game. They will help you to resolve it.
  15. You can actually test your ul machines, see that cup button to the left from catface? You can test there various combinations of your ultimate car parts against others. Helped me alot in the past to found out best wheel/gadget/weapon combinations. Fighting against other gang member UL machines is still missing and very wanted future though.
  16. I've seen that too, can be very confusing for choosing the right part. Here is what I have obsevred. I noticed that rewards from Steve's boxes sometimes are getting premium bonuses: same star gadget needs less power to be mounted on a car and I think the same applies to the health ammount on parts too. So I think it is Steve's boxes that is doing this.
  17. Couldn't find better topic Wanted to say, part of me don't like the subtext to the Uncle SAM's new weapon. Other part still thinks it's funny lol You know, big balls, uggly looking aggressive face with big hat and american flag on it, making chaos and mess and defensless many, previously strong builds... Makes the kids subconsciously hate everything associated with that flag. But knowing from what country are game creators, that was to be expected.
  18. That is if some of the gang has one. Not all are hardcore players /gangs there. I still don't find justified enough reason to keep installed and running 24/7 discord on my phone (I''m kind of person that don't like to keep running unnecessary apps in background, wasting resources). But on the other hand I am not that hard into games anyway so I'm not best judge here. Wish they will fix the in game chat system soon to make it more user friendly (copy/paste option, text editing, more chat history, hyperlinks etc.). Still alternative (and quite desperate lol) way is to communating there since this is still official C.A.T.S. forums (with badly inmplemented, almost non existing private messaging system I must say).
  19. What ads are you talking about? The movies you must watch for rewards, news annoucement pop ups or something on your screen unreleated to the game? If last one, it is your phone or tablet doing this! Or maybe you have logged in Google Games and are getting notifications?
  20. As you said "you will have spent all that money for nothing." But I would not say "for nothing", you had more victories, instant stage skips - thanks to the parts you purchased. And it is not the end of the game, it is just the begining. Most gangs will not take you seriously if you don't have prestiged.
  21. Welcome to the game world.
  22. So basically you are out of new cities and It will go in circle again?
  23. I agree with your title, it should be played with more fun, less grief
  24. A dead fact.
  25. That is understandable that you have to wait 3 days before you can get Gang Boxes. I know about that update. But I thought you could still contribute trophies to the gang, you just don't get the Gang Box reward? Has it been all the way like this this is another more recent update? You should ask support to update (hack or whatever lol) your profile, we don't have to follow rules, that are silly and stupid. If you can't chat for now I guess you just have to pay 10 gems, it is not that much, you can collect that amount of gems from superboxes and regular boxes or by prestiging in no time.