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  1. Argentina had tons of people drop out because it was poorly ran the teams were not matched up evenly Argentina literally could not win one round to take over the city because the other team was way overpowered compared to us was not evenly matched it all
  2. it was not written in the rules that you were going to be yanked from your gang
  3. Videos worked found them thanks guys
  4. I think I have a few I'll have to look back
  5. sorry bro but I really want to find my gang
  6. problem is I'm having a mental lapse I know playground was in the name but I can't remember what was in front of it driving me crazy
  7. so I got pulled out of my gang for the stupid World Cup didn't realize that was going to happen when I signed up and having trouble finding my gang having a mental block I know it was something playground and a leader was TTY sprinkles