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  1. I'm on stage 24. Is there even any point in trying to compete or should I just start over and prestige again?
  2. So, I've been playing for a little bit and am on prestige 2 but would still very much consider myself a noob so sorry if I am missing something silly. My question though is what is with all the crazy high health and damage machines in the last couple tiers? I've got a maxed machine with all tier 5 maxed parts and do great in the quick battles, take out a vast majority of my opponents, but when it comes to the campaign I get all these machines with half a million to three or four million health and damage versus my 330k health and 170k damage which has taken a long time to get to. What am I missing? How do you get numbers like that? Makes me feel like there isn't much point in the campaign when I do great and then all of a sudden get destroyed on the last Any advice or answers would be awesome, thanks.