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  1. Is there a list of rewards for gang boxes? I’ve seen the level requirements, but never the breakdown of rewards. I’m pretty sure 5 gets 1 UM box 6 gets 2 and 7 gets 3, but I’d like to see the complete breakdown of the reward list.
  2. It’s unfortunate how players always assume the worst about game developers trying to rip them off.
  3. You can get any weapon/accessory in the game even before you have unlocked it through prestige level by winning gang fights. The drop table includes all regular parts even if you haven’t unlocked them.
  4. I completely disagree with this post. Sure buying boxes with gems gets you better parts and makes it easier to win championships and thus prestige, but it’s really not necessary and has always been the case. Good builds, patience and lots of Quick Fights to get upgrade fodder, selective use of gems - particularly on gang fight replaces and resets to get the legendary part - there are tons of ways to get ahead without having to spend. Also remember that those that do spend keep the game going so everyone can enjoy it!
  5. Its a part of the chat plugin they are coding with and is likely associated with possibe exploits and bugs. Notice when they fixed it they broke multiple multi-line chats from the same person too. Nothings ever simple in programming.
  6. Wow the gang filled up within two minutes of posting this! Let me know if you don’t find a home by the time you read this and I’ll see about making some room for you.
  7. You are welcome to join FATALIS just formed out of the embers of another gang. We have activity requirements that are easy to reach but keeps the gang healthy. PM if interested to know more or just look us up in game.
  8. Hello -RYFG-! Glad to be here, thanks for putting in so much effort into making our team successful Jio. For sure the game suffers from gang limitations, but that’s pretty standard for mobile. As with all games we just have to figure ways to make it work for us. I’ve used Discord fairly successfully to manage mobile guilds in the past but the hardest part is getting people to sign up for the out of game coms in he first place, let alone use them.