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  1. Click on the map button on the top of the league list. It's shows you all the stages. Prestiges are at the very end of the game where you beat the last league.
  2. The forum is apparently a competition for the most likes.
  3. I laughed a lot when I saw that. And yeah it sucks when you get a legendary bonus but then the bonus is trash and/or is USELESS. But if you sell it you'll get more coins. If you upgrade it it gives more upgrade (fill up more of the green upgrade bar stuff) EDIT 1: just realised this was a contest. So... uhh I'll edit in a useless legendary photo once I get one. EDIT 2: just remembered I sold all my legendaries because they were terrible/weren't military. So I can't really participate in this contest...
  4. What is the silver coin thing in the blue cat thing leagues? The person who has it is incredibly under levelled but has 89k.
  5. 1. it's sneaky not sneakie. it's metal not steel. 2. You have to firstly get to stage six where you unlock metal parts. 3. Then you unlock/box a crate and hope that you'll get a metal part. 4. ??? (waiting 2 - 6 hours) 5. Profit! (You hopefully get a metal part)
  6. Nope, just terrible game features (the game isn't fully complete). You were killed by the side machines. Those deal a billion damage or something. Garunteed insta-kill. It drains health (the red stuff not the white health) twice as fast as a normal kill. It's the first to fully drain is defeated.
  7. Can we just STOP with the duplicates of the EXACT SAME TOPIC. Please check if your idea has already been posted on the forum, if it has DON'T MAKE IT. It's just annoying to see so many topics about the same thing. This is the third topic about the exact same topic. We need these to stop.
  8. Classic = ALWAYS 1 weapon, 1 gadget Titan = Maximum 3 slots (not sure) Surfer = Maximum 3 slots (any combination possible) Sneaky = Maximum 3 slots any combination possible) Boulder = Maximum 3 slots (Any combination possible) Pyramid = Maximum 3 Slots (Any combination possible) Done = Yes... Maybe not...
  9. Buffs only apply to the original amount of health/damage. The original damage of your rocket is 174. It only affects the 174 original damage. Toolkits are EXTRA not default.
  10. That's vital for having a big win streak. But not skipping is just a challenge,if your machine is good enough you can get really high streaks.
  11. You are couldv made a poll . Anyways, I'd very strongly say option 2. It's just... better, also you should have them organi(z/s)ed into different stages. EDIT: Nearly forgot to say that you're able to upvote an infinite amount of times, I upvoted the uhh thing... twice.
  12. There's already a contest in the CONTESTS section And good luck on getting 1000 win streak, I can't even get over 30 ;-;
  13. Sounds terrible, happens to me and probably many others on the forum. But you just have to be lucky when you have a free slot.
  14. Pretty sure there was a topic exactly like this... can't seem to find it though. EDIT: found it
  15. From AUS. Have limited ads. around 10 - 20 ads before I can't watch anymore, but then in a few hours I can watch some more