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  1. the gang names are cougar tracks, fat cats, feral felines (all top 100) and skinny kittens (dev gang), but if you're not willing to use discord there's no real reason to search them up. as far as line is concerned, that's probably going to be a bit of a challenge. discord and telegram are by far the most popular chat apps in the cats community...there's some whatsapp gangs in asia, but i'm not aware of any that use line. sorry i couldn't be more help.
  2. @KeepOneRolled -- check out Fat Tracks Federation. we have 4 gangs to accommodate players of various levels and styles. three of our gangs finished in the top 100 last city, 2 always get the rank 6 gang box and the other two typically get rank 5 or 6. we use discord for all of our communication, so that's mandatory. you can join our discord server by going to (enter that in a web browser) and type "interview" at the doorbell.
  3. @NotANewb Definitely. It'd be nice to be in a gang with other people who actually play. One thing. I'm in that group of people that my son refers to as "techno-idiots." I'm vaguely aware that something called Discord exists, but as far as having it and knowing how to use it...that's probably a long way off. I'm guessing there should be a way to direct message though the forum. If so, would that work?
  4. Here's what I've got: Santa's Sleigh w/laser, double rocket and repulse -- 19633 health, 7704 damage Ice Cream Truck w/mace and frost sprinkler -- 17712 health, 3456 damage Dozer w/double blade and booster -- 17726 health, 5040 damage
  5. Looking for a new gang if anyone's got an opening. Prestige 10, stage 6, Gold League in Ultimate. Typically get 300-600 trophies per Gang Fight cycle (3 days). I think I've got 3 pretty good builds for City Kings, but my last gang lost interest in District 5 of Mew York, so I'm not sure how good I'll be beyond that. I play pretty much every day, a few times a day. I do, however, have a job so I can't always drop everything and answer the call to arms immediately during business hours. I only speak English (the Spanish I took in high school has long since evaporated from my memory), so that would be important for collaboration's sake. If you've got a gang you think I could help out and have an opening, let me know. Thanks, NotHey