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  1. I've reached 100+ before. There is no reason to go beyond 50 for the final achievement. The best strategy is to put your WEAKEST machine on the tap to edit screen, and then change it out for a stronger one when you skip through the opponent machines because you'll have a better chance of winning. But beware: if the time on championship is about to end, you may need to put up your strongest in order to keep your place or you'll not get promoted.
  2. Yeah, I don't know if that's realistic physics or not. I was surprised myself... I thought it was game over for me
  3. I really didn't think this was possible, lol.
  4. Pretty sure that's base game. It's a bot.
  5. I've been playing this game on and off since beta and I've never seen the image used anywhere.
  6. Probably a bug, lol
  7. Lol. Probably going to make new weapons available in an upcoming update!
  8. Because game assets that aren't part of the game usually need not be included as it bulks up the download and space of the device. There are games that have extra files in them, but this is because they never made it into the game or were ripped out from the final product and the devs said "whatever".
  9. I see. I don't know. There's no reason to put it with cats unless they're doing something with it. No developer just drops files in there without some future planning. Yeah, but why is it with the game files then? Are they going to integrate it (discord) into cats? I don't think so personally.
  10. Hmm... maybe they're doing a 3D update or something? A move to another engine?
  11. Wood scooter chassis, 2k hp, 3.5k damage, laser, boosters. The end. Owns everything. Lol.
  12. Omg, rofl. That IS hilarious! I actually noticed that the physics are a bit different with the newest update. My flying sneaky performs differently...
  13. Yeah, but you also have to have high enough power to not get pushed into the bulldozers that zone in on you from the sides. So, yes, it'd be easier to beat his machine with such setup as you describe.
  14. I suppose I should try to answer's not about a pro player or whatever. It's the fact that you could still potentially lose if someone came at you HALF-strength and got behind you and somehow managed to get a forklift stuck on you without being hit by your rotating blade. It's POSSIBLE. Whether it'll happen is unlikely... it's very hard to time these things... there's still the chance, however. There should never be such a chance because it's unnatural physics.
  15. Here's another one. Idk why the GIF is screwed up... but yeah... this one I win because his forklift causes him to go backwards ALSO, I emailed support and this is what they said: