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  1. I'm looking for a gang. I'm on Prestige 0, Stage 15 (P0S15) as of the posting of this topic.
  2. I really want Zeptolab to implement Cooldown Toolboxes into C.A.T.S!
  3. Back, I was making food for myself.
  4. Even at prestige 0?
  5. Welp, guess I won't get my hands or paws (i swear im not a furry) on a precious Minigun until I basically complete the prestige number 0.
  6. I don't like any gadgets, so I just put First-Aid Kit.
  7. I have a Minigun Box that requires me to refer 5 friends to C.A.T.S. Does this mean this is impossible?
  8. I'd say a Cooldown Toolbox, which takes 0.05 seconds off a long ranged weapons cooldown, (A laser's 2.5 second cooldown becoming a 2.45 second cooldown). You'd get these at P1S5 (Prestige 1, Stage 5) and a Laser machine gun. This shoots 4 lasers in the course of 2.5 seconds equally. You'd get these at the start of the Carbon Parts leauges at prestige 8.
  9. True, or maybe just decrease the cooltime of, say, a laser's 2.5 cooldown time between each shot by 0.05, so after 1 Cooldown Toolbox, it'll be 2.45.
  10. ENGLISH: This is an English forum, so please use Google Translate next time. SPANISH/ESPANOL: Este es un foro en inglés, así que por favor utilice Google Translate la próxima vez.
  11. I should probably update my profile picture, but my tablet's dead as of the time of this comment's posting.
  12. It would be cool if they added the toolboxes in the gif! I think it should be called Cooldown Toolbox, and it decreases the cooldown for far range weapons (Rockets, Lasers/Lazers, etc), What do you think?
  13. You shouldn't talk about these on the C.A.T.S forum. Read the URL above. It should have catsthegame in it. This isn't a vet-like forum, but you should still try TomCatPro's advice and potty train it and/or give it occasional vet check-ups.
  14. are the toolboxes in your gif actually real
  15. oh ok