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  1. Help! I need a really good car design but I don't know what a good one is. Can you give suggestions? I am Prestige 0 and am on Stage 13.
  2. Join CrashArena! It is a good gang and the leader, Quote, is very kind and only kicks if you haven't been on for a month.
  3. ok. Once i get to Prestige 1 I might join.
  4. That would be too good if you got 15 or something though...
  5. Me too!!!
  6. Bleh I mean they don't use lifters so am I good?
  7. There are not so good?
  8. Sure. That would make sense. But increase by more than 0.05 seconds and you've got a problem.
  9. I don't really like gadgets either so I put repulse.
  10. That sounds really cool. I agree about the cooldown toolbox. I don't know about the Laser Machine Gun because that sounds overpowered but the other stuff is cool.
  11. Ok. It happened to me too.
  12. I agree with ZakAttack.
  13. I agree. That would be cool.
  14. Sure. Just make sure you get 5 or more trophies.
  15. I get about 15 trophies (I am kinda bad) per gang fight but if I have a better gang I think I'll be able to get more.
  16. I am in need of a good gang because my old gang DA HOOD is for noobs kinda.
  17. Can I join? I am active most of the time.
  18. If you need a gang come to DA HOOD.
  19. Do you think 2 rockets on a sneakie is good?
  20. By the way, do you think a rocket and a blade on a sneakie is good?
  21. Ok. I don't watch CATS YouTube either.
  22. By the way, do any of you have 2018 code?
  23. Thanks you guys!