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  1. We got now 15 Gang Members. So Space for 10 more
  2. @NotANewb makes total sense - thank you
  3. Hello, If you are Prestige 2 and above, you are more than welcome to join us @ Hobbes#55748 If anything Hobbes is the funniest cat in the comic world. About Us: 1) 14 Members - all Active 2) Disciplined, we all play daily, we don't spend but attack together and play with a plan. We do Gang Fights and City Kings daily. 3) We help each other, we rather grow together and learn from each other. 4) We respect personal lives and respect leaves of absence if early informed 5) We give 3 mistake chance before asking a person to let go. It is like 3 strikes if you commit mistakes or do your own thing you are warned 6) We are about doing things together, than individual glory More than welcome for any serious gamer with prestige 2 and above to join us.
  4. @Phil @NotANewb Thank you for the detailed answer. This makes total sense. Just a question - when you say join in late? it seems whenever I "join" it starts with full clock. Do you mean start the countdown of the clock but start playing later instead of the moment once I "start"?
  5. Thanks @Warcat Thanks for the reply. I am aware of event hoarding option. Then I wonder how much effort is needed in League Fights, as i said winning 13-14 fights for each 5 tickets, i end up at rank 25+ , The thing is scores under 20 are atleast doubleo f mine. So even if they opened up cartons, how many cartons did they open ? And I can only imagine how many cartons are needed to be in top 10. Plus any tips on Gang Fights?
  6. Hello, Earlier one could collect more than 5 tickets. Now I cannot. I find it difficult to go in league fights, even winning 12-13 matches for 5 tickets, I end up in ranking of25+ which gives no parts. So I am almost giving up on League Fights. Also am decent in play, i understand most of the machines/weapons/perks, but in Gang Fights I get at max once in a month to rank 10. (that too with one 10 gem refresh). Is their a trick that I am not using?