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  1. Pretty bad when #500 CLB at 12957525 has higher points compared to most of the next 20 people "above" him in rank....
  2. Ugh, the link doesn't want to work and time ran out on editing, so a still image will have to do. Why my car suddenly goes face first into the ground, I have no idea, but it stays stuck in there til the side walls come in.
  3. I thought I saw it all, with crazy CATS "physics" it was more frustrating than funny when I'm hunting for crowns but my surfer gets flipped back by a shotgun, boulder bounces all over with a shotgun+forklift, flying forklifts, etc... But this one takes the cake. I make it to the middle ... and BLAM, I just couldn't help but laugh.
  4. Often times, you'll be in a Championship where you can win 13 in a row...but a ****-blocker keeps you from that elusive instant promotion.(self-censored for everyone's protection) I agree, it's annoying. It's frustrating. But it's just one day of wait. One thing: do you watch ads to skip 30 minutes of the opening box duration when it's available?
  5. If you're going to use laser as main weapon, you need make sure you survive a hit or two from the enemy, or at least repulse or backpedal to protect yourself. The laser itself needs to be strong enough for a one-hit kill, because waiting another extra 2-3seconds for the next shot is a fatal problem of lasers. And in general...if you want to win, don't you think you should have boxes with crowns on them so the parts you get have a higher chance of being better than normal? Or at least have boxes up and being opened.
  6. Looks like it could be most useful in Gang Fights where your HP actually carries over to the next fight, unlike Championships and Quick Fights where you start afresh each time?
  7. Like I said in the General section's similar topic: If it was cumulative it's only going to become a Gang-version of the "Top Players" board where the gang who farms the points the most goes to the top, and you all know how people feel about the current Top Players board. It might take a while before a cumulative Gang Leaderboard turns into that, but I can understand from their point of view why they have it this way of resetting back to 0 each round. Gang box level and exp reverts back to 0, which is a bigger issue for me. It makes joining partial gangs pointless if they can't even get to box level 1, and makes gang morale poisonous immediately when a player or two doesn't take part in Gang Fights for equal share of trophies. Alternatively, I suppose, we could have a second Gang leaderboard that shows "All-time Points" in addition to "Current Round"? That could be a compromise that we might be agreeable on?
  8. It could be intentional. Otherwise the "Top Gangs" leaderboard is going to be a gang-version of the "Top Pl...*cough* Top Farmers *cough* leaderboard.
  9. People will simply move the weapon slots in front of the body so that the double rockets reach opponent first. I'd go for a paint shop rather, maybe get rid of the whole sticker system and have it work like the cat customization where you "unlock" stickers(decals?) and paint color/patterns.
  10. Grown man of 28 years old... I'm sorry but that exactly mimics the article here. Age of course doesn't mean automatic maturity or understanding of what's safe and balanced, but with actual report(s) of gamer(s) dying of exhaustion/overplaying, companies have to take precautions. And then yeah, there's the matter of determining who's actually playing legitimately versus an auto-clicker. Is it that hard to take a 3hr break every 6 hours?
  11. It all depends on whether you're willing to spend gems, I guess? If not, as soon as you used up your three tries. If I'm not mistaken, the difficulty of the opponent scales to your damage/health. Which means if you prestige back to stage 1, the opponent will be relatively be in the 100hp/30damage range when it refreshes. In which case, you're wasting time if you stay in S24 after getting as far as you can in Gang Fights.
  12. Do you really mean the Gang Box level goes back to 0? I mean, losing progress towards the current Gang Box is overkill in terms of killing enthusiasm for the Gang Fights when we already have the tough opponents and the 30gem cost for reset. What's the point of Gang Boxes for gangs that can't get to the first level? For that matter, what's the point of Gang Fights to begin with?
  13. Surely you could have expected ranged weapons as a counter build against your purely melee build? It's not even specifically the shotgun but ALL ranged weapons when it comes to that build of yours, as well as anyone with a front repulse.
  14. Yes, it's essentially "top farmers list". Part of the problem is we rarely get matched against real players in a Quick Fight. And when we do, we can just as easily skip it in favor of beating a NPC machine and still get the points. In terms of the 5-consecutive wins, the NPCs are fine, but the points IMO really only should come from beating other players. The other problem is, if I'm not mistaken, the defender you win against doesn't lose league points. We only lose points when the fight we initiate is lost. If the top 500 were to be matched against and actually lost points as defenders, and require actually beating human's machines for the points, we wouldn't be seeing such a "top player list".
  15. I almost didn't notice the dark red writing in the pic. But I like the display option! Why not entirely replace the stars? So a display option shows either stars, energy cost/capacity, or health/damage When you open 20-30 chests a day, the variety in energy cost among same star parts really do get annoying to pick out