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  1. Thankyou for your fast reply! We tested it too but only once, so we were not sure if it was coincidence. Is confirmed then
  2. Hey alley cats! I have a question about Uncle Tony's rewards in gang fights: Is it the same for both the gangs figthing or is it different? Thankyou! Meow!
  3. OK, now I have a cat that looks like Jackie Chan.... with bobs. Great, thanks.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm here to humbly request to have some female-looking cats. I am a female myself (altrough not a cat) and I'd love to have some kick-*** cat lady driving my super-car! I honestly am ashamed to hit the cat-alleys with something that looks like Magnum PI with boobs... I need style! So please! Give us some awesome cat lady! Attached pic of the shame I'm living with.