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  1. When you would try to play the third event you would see it. It's not a modifier, but rules for this event. It is not possible in this event to use a second or third car to destroy the opponent, which destroyed the first car. You have to use again new batteries. And you can only exit and save points, when you got to the hideout. After 1st opponent after 4th opponent after 8th opponent and so on. This feature is really annoying and a win win situation for the game producers. Many people invest more diamonds because of this stupid hideout. I boycott this and won't play. Doesn't make any sense to play. Very difficult to save points without spending many diamonds. So **** you producers to add again this rule.
  2. Hello folks, could you tell me please, why the **** in the 3rd event there is again this hiding shit. The first two events were very good without this shit feature and now you readd it again. This is really annoying and a stupid feature. And when I lost with 1 car I can't use my other both cars. I need to start again. Why you do this? I won't play this event. It is ridiculous stupid...
  3. Gang Murderdeathkill searches for active players. At least you should gain 125 trophies per period (3 days). And in KoTC we need your good cars to be active. We are in district 8. Only 1 level to go for district 9. (Level 60)
  4. It doesn't matter. I opened already more than 20 boxes and had many trick boxes but it was all useless stuff. Everything was worst than my stuff I already have.
  5. Fuck this. Now I am in a loop. I start the game. It starts with the fight before the crash, to crash again. Over and over again... Uploaded the fight, where the game crashes without an end.
  6. Hello, please fix the crashes. My game never crashed before, after this new update it is unplayable. It crashes every second or third fight. In KOTC and tournament it is really stupid loosing my tickets or cars against the opponent, when game is crashed... And readd the skip button in the 2 daily championship...why did you remove it? Does it make any sense? I am really pissed off. This new update for now is the worst update you ever released. And also this new feature you talked about. It is not available...I can't find it. Where is it?