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  1. Does anyone want to join my gang : Cat Box Army? We need more players to compete in City Kings with us, We are short 8 players, Out of 17 people only afew of us are active. One member qwit us cause i came off as unfriendly? What do you expect?? i am leader of my gang. its my job to recruit people to the gang and ask them to look for some good active players. being lazy ain't an excuse you to qwit just because you don't want to help my gang grow. My Gang, They liked him even though he was kind of rude to me. i am recruiting prestige 2 players
  2. We are Not completely Wrong . . . It used to work sometimes but lately it hasn,t for me. Sometimes it can keep your parts or it lets you keep them to bet again. You could have just asked me. it used to but as i said it hasn't worked for me lately. i used it alot cause i end up with only less then 20 gems left and that i am cheap with them cause zeptolab can't make it fairer to earn gems. Plus wanting some gems to compete in All Stars events
  3. My Gang's Name is: CAT BOX ARMY
  4. Hey guys, i could use some more good active city kings players. i need 4 players that build good ultimate machines to use. My team ain't always active then i have to use my cars to help defend. Come help in our fight to get better ultimate parts in purris of city kings. City kings players in my gang don't get kicked out of the group. My gang i am leader of: CAT BOX ARMY unless you can do better on your own (;
  5. I said that on a post or 2 , I reset my bet every chance i get now to save up some gems
  6. Yeah you are right but . . . i am talking about when you don't prestige & your bet gets canceled . . . i didn't prestige meanwhile my bet canceled and gave me my bet parts back. Did you even fully read what i said?? I did also prestige & lose my parts. But i can do that without prestigeing now, How do you explain that, Dr smarty pants
  7. Hi Tescdude, i have a alright active gang so far. My gang is: CAT BOX ARMY. I got 20 people and need around 5 more. I would say you could join mine if you didn't want to keep yours or be the leader of a gang anymore. i got mostly prestige 1 people in mine for now. I play city kings & gang fights with them. I thought i would tell you abit about my gang so you have something to think about with your friend i know how it kind of feels like when you have unactive players, Sometimes you just feel like kicking them out to recruit some good active players
  8. My gang could use some more active good people. My gang is short of down 4 players and if you join my gang competing in city kings is a must do to stay in the gang. We only got 18/25 players for now. Your help will be appreciated as with helping us with city kings goes. I need a frost sprinkler or freeze repulse/ Lucky horseshoe to do much better with my ultimate cars . . .
  9. Well explained Zak Attack, I already know this trick cause of youtube. I am here to explain my betting trick. All you have to do is not pay the gems to retrieve your parts back, Like Zak attack explained. i do that then, I just keep my failed bet there until the bet cancels its self & it lets me keep my parts. i notice it work when i don't see my failed bet listed there any more. If you wait long enough it might work for you. It tends to take awhile for it to happen, Maybe like a week or a month, Trust me this works, Well for me it does so far
  10. How do i make it public? Ain't posting on the forum the same thing? I would be seaching still but i got 25 people now. The majority of people i want to recruit is the players that play city kings good. That and to have most of them help me on city kings. Its kind of bad if you only have 10 out of 25 to help you on city kings
  11. i plan on taking a pic of it the next time it happens again to me. i got parts i bet on & i am going to see if i can not pay for it again and just get my parts back. i got 740 gems and i won't pay off my bet. To see if i don't pay if i will get my bet parts back, & how long you have to leave it for. Worse thing to happen, I lose the bet parts but that didn't happen last time
  12. My Gang Is CAT BOX ARMY, The group fighting against Zeptolab's Bad ideas. Join the gang that will only have 2 players, Because i am going to remove the inactive players i have left in the gang. I am on C.A.T.S omost 24/7 & 23 people can come join. I hope some join. i have had people leave gang for absolutely no reason what so ever so if you do, Please say that your leaveing in the chat. I will see it and would find that to be ok with me
  13. This other guy just posts things about his clan though, Plus Posting twice in a row, he might as well be filling this topic with spam. Meanwhile my gang is just me and one other person. . . You would be disappointed in people like Zulfahmi if you where me, but you seem to think we make it all about us even though all i even want is 4 people that care enough about helping a gang grow rather then just helping there self. we should be helping each other but they just post where ever, Especially if i posted there aready before him. Taken, Think before you type because you do not know me or know what i want
  14. I'll tell you this one more time, GO SOME WHERE ELSE TO POST YOUR MESSAGE. MY GANG NEEDS PLAYERS MORE THEN YOU. PLUS I WAS HERE FIRST.Why don't you Piss off Zulfahmi? YOU ARE NOT HELPING ANYONE By Posting your advertisement for your Gang here, THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE 10 or 11 people. If i had 9 people my gang could do as much as yours could. i got in 50th place in the mid-autumn festival, Without Shity Kings. it would be better for them to join my gang. I doubt being in your gang is fun . . . More like you get to have fun meanwhile while they do all the hard work for you. C.A.T.S's Scrub
  15. I would but the computer i would use is my Mom's Laptop. I don't bother cause/ Less then 10 seconds ain't that much time to enter it. Also i tryed twice without a computer before. The thing i use for web browsing is my Ps Vita that has a useless memory card, Thats what i would call soul destroying. I had things in the past l loss because i was ether careless or because of my generosity. Just game systems & A Computer. I got to enjoy what i could back then before i made certain choices that wasn't to smart. I have atleast: Ps3,Ps4 and tablet. My favorite Tv shows: The walking dead, Ftwd, Preacher / Because i like Jesse Custer and some Rick and Morty.