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  1. I would but the computer i would use is my Mom's Laptop. I don't bother cause/ Less then 10 seconds ain't that much time to enter it. Also i tryed twice without a computer before. The thing i use for web browsing is my Ps Vita that has a useless memory card, Thats what i would call soul destroying. I had things in the past l loss because i was ether careless or because of my generosity. Just game systems & A Computer. I got to enjoy what i could back then before i made certain choices that wasn't to smart. I have atleast: Ps3,Ps4 and tablet. My favorite Tv shows: The walking dead, Ftwd, Preacher / Because i like Jesse Custer and some Rick and Morty.
  2. This is why i dont like it, Only 10 seconds that ain't enough time unless you have a computer for live youtube videos. Cause other words i would have to use my android tablet to watch it. My Tablet is also what i use to play C.A.T.S with, Get what im saying? I looked at their newest video saying the code will be gave away in three parts, Even that sounds better then how they gave every other code away . . . So far i rather go try and find a Girl friend then to watch any video made by Crash.Arena.Turbo.Stars.
  3. This Is All My Gang Can Do & All You Guys Want To Do Is Get People For Your Gang Only. I've had my gang for a year. It doesn't get any better then this, Especially when you want to recruit anyone that would even want to join a gang like mine
  4. You got way too meny people to be posting here! Hell i got 7 people, only 3 active. You sould be sending some players to join my gang. YOU DON'T NEED MORE: Grimeternity. Try being trophie blocked with only 2 other people
  5. So far my posts would include clan recruitment and some pictures I take from / I got a message on C.a.t.s about me needing to promote to the next stage to help my gang out more. I've seen a forum talking about it earlier and decided to post the photos there. Probably cause I was kind of camping at stage 24 before I get sent into Prestige 4 with close to nothing again
  6. This happened to me too, I took pictures for people to see I am thinking of prestigeing in a few days. After I get some more gems
  7. I have a gang that plays active often. Its named CAT BOX ARMY . its prestige 1 and up. i need as meny people that i can get. We got only 3 active players, Plus im one of them. Look up in game whos gang you want to join. Enter thier gang's name in the gang section then you can find and join it
  8. Seriously though. Would anyone from the forums wanna start a chat? Cause i get to talk on the forums more then i could on C.A.T.S so far. I would like chatting with other players that play the game. Chatting for me in my opinion is alot funner then waiting for people to join my gang, Or for your gang.
  9. Join CAT BOX ARMY , If You're Eager To Have More Fun & More Exprience. Join Me and New Players On Our Way To Become an Active C.A.T.S Gang. The guy who made Puss N Bots Sucks. He made his account just like 2 weeks ago meanwhile ive had mine for months and he is recruiting players i need more in my gang. he probably can play city kings & i can't all because he has more people. atleast i dont need to add expert in my tag or say my group is Pro. cause if i had more players it would be good enough
  10. I would think about talking to people that do join. Plus, I dont find myself to be the most socialize person. i only have one other person in my gang, I got Him and My Father. If you seen my members the person named MYQUAD thats my Dad, I can just phone him. i was kind of finding more people to join so that they could start talking about what ever they would like to. Should i be chating with this 1 person? i can understand people droping by to look & what so ever, but if no one saids anything especially them while there looking to chat how would they get a reply? They left and they said nothing to try starting a chat ; )
  11. If you want to join CAT BOX ARMY. Just tell me on one of these forum posts & I will get around to seeing it within a day or two. Or just join but . . I would rather that if you plan on staying awhile in my gang. Zulfahmi, I was here first, I bet I need clan members alot more then you do. Expectly if you can play city kings and I can't
  12. Mmm . . . No
  13. I wish people would contact me when they want to join my gang, That way they can say: I QWIT!! Before they Join & Leave. Lol !!
  14. I already have 3 active players! i dont need to join your gang to have MORE FUN . . . THE PROBLEM IS that for some reason, They dont want to stay in the gang to do anything at all but to qwit it. They just rather be A holes & leave. Just so everyone knows , All of you that come to & leave my gang im going to take a picture of all your name and i am going to post them on this forum: KingAlex and TomCatPro. you rude C.A.T.S players . . . you have no respect for hard working gang leaders what so ever, if i did join a gang i would atleast be reasonable unlike the players that try to join me . . . Disrespectful Basterds. plus im not Prestige 4 yet cause i was trying to save gems & then lost 40. that took like a week to save, just to lose with a miss click of my touch screen . . .
  15. I need 50 more gems, i miss clicked on my touch screen and loss omost 50 gems. i worked hard for them just for it to cheat me. i feel happy my failed bets got erased some how. i had three failed bets just to log in the next day to see i only had one failed bet? Weird or What : ) kind of creepy, i just didn't want to spend gems to get my parts back from a failed bet. i find gems harder to get everyday that passes by. all it takes is for me to get that angry at the game and goodbye 40 gems