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  1. No one? 😔
  2. Hello everyone! I would love to see racing in this game. How could it be done? I have some ideas. Splitscreen view of both vehicles. Maybe the reward system could be like championships with new items dedicated to racing and you could even bet your own parts, winner keeping both. Uncle Tony could have you bet on other races too. The styles of the races could vary. One could be a straight quarter mile. The other could have obstacles, and obstacles increase per division. Sand traps and wheel configuration decides on speed out of them and buckets help, jumps where boosters would give the edge, barriers of different types that weapons cut down, barrels that explode like repulsors, ramps where grappling hooks would benefit, puddles that big tires can get through easily...and so many more. Maybe some criss-crossing where vehicles can exchange blows to slow the other down, given it's neck and neck. Anyways, this would bring a whole new element of the game which would keep people playing. Please share your thoughts!