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  1. Does anyone have any good ice sprinkler builds?
  2. I've been playing this game on and off since it's been called backyard battles and there is one thing that always annoyed me. Its commonly accepted that double rockets, rockets, shotguns, and miniguns are the best weapons in the game. No other weapons can combat against them. The thing that annoys me is if you use any of the other weapons you are sure to be outmatched no matter how much higher your stats are. For example shotgun pushes you back while the other weapons deal damage. Before I talk about what I want to talk about I need to say this is not a suggestion. It's far too late to implement this into the game. But I think the weapons should be more of a rock paper scissors type of game. For example ranged (rockets, double, shotguns, laser, and miniguns) beat melee (Chainsaw family and blades) but melee beats another class which is able to beat ranged. Do you see what I'm trying to say? There are only two 'types' of weapons. Melee and ranged. So no matter what you do with melee ranged will ALWAYS win. Its greatly unbalanced and turns to not be fun if you play with melee weapons because of how ridiculously dethroned they are from the ranged.