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  1. Heres what I think should happen. 1: Regular Machines. Parts: Add more parts. Jammer: Like the lucky horseshoe. (Unlocked at Prestige 2 Stage 10) Jet-Wheel Scooter/Roller: Like the flying wheels (Unlocked at Prestige 3 Stage 10) Double Blade: Like its ultimate version. (Unlocked at Prestige 2 Stage 6) Machine Gun: Low damage per shot but fires very fast. (Unlocked at Prestige 3 Stage 1) Pulse Laser: Shoots a laser every other second. Similar to the Rotating Hyperboloid G27 (Unlocked at Prestige 4 Stage 1) 2: Ultimate Machines: All stars up until fall 2019 October 21-25: Halloween Frightstival Gives the Ghostly set Ghost: Shaped like a Diamond. Has a weapon slot at the bottom,another slot at the top right corner, a gadget slot at the other corner, and 2 wheel slots at the edge Starts with 5500 Hp and 20 power Ghost Pumpkin Launcher: The Dragon Mortar, but it shoots 2 exploding pumpkins instead. Requires 10 power. Starts with 3000 DPS Ghost Boo-Ster A booster. Requires 5 Power Starts with 1500 hp. Ghost Stinkmister The frost sprinkler, but it shoost toxic mist balls that expand into the size of a cutter bigfoot and do 1000 dps per ball. Requires 5 power and does 3000 dps Wheels Come in 2 sizes, scooter and roller. Suit: Skeleton 1st place: 11 ghost body, 27 of each wheel, 16 boo-ster, 8 ghost pumpkin launcher, 5000 ultimate points, 1250 gems, Skeleton Suit 2nd-3rd: 7 ghost body, 20 of each wheel, 11 boo-ster, 6 ghost pumpkin launcher, 2500 ultimate points, 750 gems, Skeleton Suit 4th-10th: 4 ghost body, 14 of each wheel, 7 boo-ster, 4 ghost pumpkin launcher, 1000 ultimate points, 500 gems, Skeleton Suit 11-50: 2 ghost Body, 9 of each wheel, 4 boo-ster, 3 ghost pumpkin launcher, 500 ultimate points, 250 gems, Skeleton Suit 51-100: 1 Ghost Body, 5 of each wheel, 2 boo-ster, 2 Ghost Pumpkin Launcher, 250 Ultimate Points, Skeleton suit 101-250: 2 of each wheel, 1 boo -ster, 1 Ghost Pumpkin Launcher, 100 Ultimate points 251-500: 1 of each ghost wheel, 50 ultimate points 501 and below: 20 Ultimate Points November 19-23: Thanksgiving Festival Use coach set Dec 20-24: Christmas Countdown Festival Use the santas sleigh set January 2-6: New Year, New C.A.T.S Festival Do Random Boxes Febuary 9-13: Valentines Battle Festival You figure the new set out. April 2-6: Easter Eggalicious Festival Reskins, but easter themed and modified. May 21-25: Out-Of-School Festival Do Random Boxes June 15-19: Summer Eve Festival Use the ufo set August 13-17: Back To School Festival Do Random Boxes 3: Gang Stuff: Upgrade City Kings. Add ultimate machine gang fights, that are avalible when city kings isnt. Here are the reward tiers. 1: 1 standard part, 10 ultimate points. 2: 1 Polished Part, 20 ultimate points 3: 1 Refined Part, 50 ultimate points 4: 2 standard parts, 100 ultimate points 5: 2 polished parts, 250 ultimate points 6: 2 Refined parts, 300 ultimate points 7: 1 superior part, 350 ultimate points 8: 2 superior parts, 400 ultimate points 9: 5 random parts, 450-550 ultimate points 10: 6 random parts, 75p ultimate points Able to fight gang members' ultimate machines 4: Other Stuff: Daily Reward Day 1: 1 random regular part, 1000 coins Day 2: 5 gems Day 3: 1 health toolbox Day 4: 1 damage toolbox Day 5: 20 gems Day 6: 2 random regular parts Day 7: 1 random ultimate part Daily challenges. Stuff you can do for gems, depending on the difficulty, like, beat 50 opponents will get you 10 gems, but beat 100 opponents will get you 20. Objectives: Win a quick fight with the same machine __ consecutive times Defeat __ Quick Fights Do a long bet Do 3 quick bets Earn (Current League Coins x 1.5) Coins Defeat __ People with a (random weapon) Thank you for your time.
  2. Ninja Set: Body: Shaped like the pyramid Has one weapon and gadget slot Has 15 power Weapon: Shuriken Launcher Shoots a shuriken every half second. It launches them up curved. Takes 10 power Gadget: Staff Makes the 1st ranged attack do no damage.
  3. I know some great designs. Splitting Cobra: A corshair with rocket and repulse, and the ice cream scooter in front and double firetruck roller at the back.
  4. Bouncing boulder with sticky rollers, it reks almost anything.
  5. double blade Unlocked at Stage 20 Prestige 1 Same as the double blade from the ultimate machines, but sized down for regular machines New body: Dome Unlocked at prestige 5 stage 1 Shaped like that dome shaped ultimate body
  6. Looking for gang Prestige zero, but in gold 5 star Id otn know how to fill out this gang stuff, but i am very active