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  1. Just be careful of lifters, if someone uses a double lifter build, it will usually lift up before the shotgun can pop them, and leave you facing the wrong way!
  2. Shame to hear you feel this way. For me trying to reach the highest prestige I can still keeps me coming back, and helping my gang out in fights too. Ultimate machines I do not have much luck with, I burn a ton of gems and seem to always miss promotion by a few points making it a huge waste Just hope we see some new game modes, some new chassis and some more skill upgrades for the cat points, minigun, shotgun, lifters etc.
  3. Its random, after promotion you will either get a legendary box or a super box, and you will also now receive an ultimate part too.
  4. Plenty of 5 power weapons mate, you must have had some crazy crates to not have any!
  5. Lol, seen this before but the cars escaped the walls of death and floated up infinitely!
  6. Woah WTF happened at 0:24??!
  7. Mechanics can do all of those you mentioned Also difference between mechanic and new mechanic, a new mechanic means recently appointed and if they prove worthy will earn full mechanic status in time.
  8. After you prestige and go through the stages again you will unlock it automatically, just keep progressing
  9. Have you updated from the App Store / Play Store?
  10. Its only classics with 2 weapon slots which are only available from purchased crates. As for the OP, it really depends on which star rating the chassis is as to how much power it will have. If you have only just entered military / green parts, then the chassis will only be 1-2 star which will always have low power. Make use of your legendary parts and wait until you are getting 4 or 5 star chassis where the power will be much higher.
  11. Zepto do not control the ads, they are based on your location. They certainly wouldnt disable ads when you buy gems, as they earn money from people watching the ads!
  12. Merged your posts to avoid the double post, and I agree the confirmation would be a nice touch!
  13. Your laser have toolboxes? If so, it might not one shot him anyway and thats why you lost?
  14. Ads are controlled by your location, not Zeptolab. Also isnt the "open with gems" on the left and the "watch ad" on the right? If the watch ad disappears, it doesn't move the open with gems over so I am not sure how you can accidentally press it, although a confirmation box would be nice.