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  1. The game was super fun in 2017 and 2018 but things got worse in 2019 the devs added so much P2W and loads of ads too some people left the game including me of course, in 2017 and 2018 the game doesn't have too much ads and P2W and the game was the best in these times. So this is kinda an rise and fall of this game
  2. the game is kinda strange we don't get any seasonal updates such as xmas, is the game forgotten or zeptolab decided to not add new features or events? hope we will get new updates and some awesome events
  3. The cat on the art have a mad face O_o
  4. okay 👌
  5. i dont think that the devs can fix this cursed bug through also is this already fixed because this was posted in past 1 week
  6. minecraft in the background?
  7. I accessed apkpure and it's completely fine no viruses
  8. how is it possible to get 7 gems on top 8-4? nothing is wrong with your game it's the championship itself i hope it will be fixed soon
  9. there are principal causes: 1. The Game is installed incompletely The Game cannot run on your Device because your Game is installed incompletely (you can check out the game's size on App Management if the game is not on the correct size) reinstall it from Play Store. 2. Your Game is not Genuine The Game is not officially installed because you installed it from an .apk File (.apk are android packages that you're able to install them) don't download the Game's .apk File from a APK Site because it cannot be trusted, the official way to install the Game you should install it from Play Store.
  10. my life feels delicious do you like chocolate 🍫? i really like it also i think you should take a breakfast tomorrow with chocolates!
  11. if you see any spambot (containing youtube videos or some Ads/Announcements) you should click on "report post"
  12. nice update this market should have new weapons and i curious to see the weapons very cool 👍
  14. list of emojis (working) : ) ( Happy Face) : ( (Frowning face) : x (Pink Face with Hearts above) ; ) (Wink) : D ( big smile) : O (surprised) : | (Neutral) : / (Shy) : P (Tongue) > : ( (Angry Face O . o (WTF) : $ (Flushed) B | ( Face with Sunglasses) ¬ ¬ (Bored) ^ _ ^ (Happy Face with closed Eyes) o . O (one eyebrow raised) x D (Laugh) : ph34r : (Thief (or Ninja)) 9 _ 9 (Roll eyes) - _ - (Closed eyes) : S (Cross eyed)
  15. does this UL part still in UL Boxes i opened so much boxes and there's no remedy inside