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  1. yeah i replied to him in this topic but it closed
  2. who is gabriel, a crystal titan doesn't look like familiar
  3. this isn't a international community this forum uses only english and if you're from another country you can also use Google Translate if needed what country in asia? and what is that art from your profile photo i hope that made a hard work to make this art
  4. First: Zeptolab will update the game soon Second: your english isn't perfect, please learn english before making topics and we can know what are you saying for
  5. for example the wheel gets out of it's position when you jump, or jumping at the high speed when a booster is equipped on the machine or 2 boosters is equipped on your machine
  6. should i pay real money for this, requires so much Gems for that and you have 7322 Gems you're rich
  7. Please learn grammar
  8. One more thing all mobile games has a assets folder, all they adds media files and other files for in-game music, sound effects etc. all games uses engine to make and contribute games which the developers made a hard work to make games
  9. Umm... you really sure you defeated all the 14 opponents? you tried to defeat all 14 opponents and instant promote the bug still there?
  10. is cats a 2D Game i not sure if a 2D battle royale exists but the battle royale mode is: Defeat incoming players earn new special rewards including ultimate parts Special boxes also includes Legendary and magic Bodies,weapons etc. Well that is it
  11. can you do a battle royale mode like PUBG,Fortnite etc. would be amazing
  12. I never got this reward in the anniversary update, most weapons in the anniversary update shows “when equipped” after rewarded in the anniversary box
  13. Umm... excuse me that's not funny at all that you posted for, and a james bond reference in your post and this guy is creating nonsense posts and this guy need to be kicked out
  14. i didn't know yet, anyone can tell me if the game has end, Thanks