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  1. The laser is too small
  2. Same discussion
  3. i can't promote because these guys won't let get past i was too mad about these players how come it is possible? how come that player too bory for getting weapons rarely maybe it passes the bread with butter and feel good? also no in-game purchases
  4. maybe these expressions are based on facebook or something?
  5. i think it's VERY VERY RARE maybe he got so much boxes and then got this classic
  6. I don't think There is a fix for this problem There are two possible solutions 1. Clear Cache and Data 2. Reinstall the game If this won't work you should enter in contact with zeptolab here
  7. This doesn't make sense when you drag this thing into your cat he doesn't get naked he just wears the default suit
  8. how this bonus work? i didn't seen this thing before, does this affects all parts or HotWheels parts only?
  9. please add offline mode
  11. i think this doesn't help a lot, and the "Before you Instant" section in the Baby Sharks website (what the heck is that) gives a hard work, it asks to you to upgrade parts (does is this helpful?) but if you got a 1-2 star weapon it needs to be in the max level? EDIT: 50 POSTS YAY!
  12. why are these boxes so expensive, how did you collect gems faster? using in-game purchases? never mind
  13. there's another way for this Settings > Apps > C.A.T.S. > Storage > Clear Data
  14. you can get gems rarely and i don't know is there a best way to get gems faster or even instant promoting
  15. what is F2P? give me more details about F2P
  16. i think he got stuck on a stage and he can't instant promote
  17. no it's not possible, just deleting your progress or creating a second CATS account HOW TO DO: delete progress: go to google play games then click on the "hamburger" icon located on the top right corner then go to settings then scroll down and select "delete google play games data" creating a second account: create a second gmail account then create a google play games account and use the account in CATS
  18. these results how are the game going Available: No The Cat: The drawing isn't similar to the real CATS Body details: a Wooden Boat shaped Chassis and two Military Tires
  19. i was looking this game at play store and the game was removed so you can't download it
  20. how do you farm these fire badges so they're a reward from beating the opponent at the first time?
  21. Nine of my weapons is working can anyone help please, the regular boxes and super boxes doesn't help and why are these players is getting OP weapons One more thing: i don't want to buy gems on the shop and also the giant box is so expensive and i still stuck on stage 15
  22. what about christmas?
  23. thank you so much
  24. anyone?