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  1. CHASING CATS are searching for daily active and communicative players. TOP100 KOTC Gang. Discord is required. Description: Started as a german gang and have become international Gang Name: CHASING CATS KOTC Rank: 89 District: 7 Stage 39 Trophy Count: 5K+ Spoken Language: english / german Our priorities to recrute: 1. activity 2. communication 3. machines Note: Teamplayers with lower prestige are more worthy for us than strong ones who don't know how to behave in a team. It's important that we can rely on each other. Let us grow together! It's just a game and we want to have fun :grinning: Everyone got a life outside of the game - we give you breaks if needed just communicate that :thumbsup: If you are interested to join post on our discord server under #public cats and say hello. Hope to see you soon
  2. Hi @Adtankam you should join the official cats discord server and post there under "looking for a gang". So you can increase your chances to find a gang. Good luck to you!
  3. I had this bug two times since the update IOS user and installed the 2nd update but this didn`t help.... The app crushes in the middle of the ul-league fight. After restart the fight is still active the app is crushing und crushing again... As a player you can only solve this if you throw away ul-ticktet by yourself Belief me this makes really happy Thanks for this unnesecary update with free bugs without ending... Because bugging it was only possible to create a gif-file.... Maybe this helps vor Zeptolap: The bug was only appearing after throwing the lucky horseshoe (2 times) Usually the lucky horseshoe works without bug-appearing....but now i am fearing before throwing the lucky horswshow again GREAT UPDATE
  4. Wir sind eine deutsche Gang mit sehr aktiven und ambitionierten Mitgliedern. Wir versuchen immer besser, aktiver und noch stärker zu werden. Wir haben ein ausgefeilte Strategie um bei KDS Erfolg zu haben. Die min. Anforderungen sind Prestige 2, Silberliga und aktive Teilnahme an KDS. Jeder hat ein Leben ausserhalb des Spiels - wir gewähren selbstverständlich kurze Pausen wenn Bedarf. KOMMUNIKATION IST UNSERE STÄRKSTE WAFFE Discord wäre wünschenswert... Name: CHASING CATS Bestenliste: 452 KDS Bezirk: 4 KDS Platzierung: 130 Spieler mit Prestige 2-8 Silber/Gold Trophäen: 5000+ Verfügbare Plätze: 1 Werde Teil unserer Gang! Discord: oder Email: Bis bald!
  5. Hi Taquee We are the CHASING CATS an active, smart and competitive gang. Language is english / german No requirements needed - just being friendly, active and having fun! CK District 4 - TOP 120 Gang Rank: TOP 500 Want to join? or discord:
  6. oO the one who can read right is in advantage.... sry @Zulfahmi and sry @Didas
  7. Just look at your post yesterday 03:35 am. You quoted the searching announcement from the user "Lightaddict". And in this qoute you have written "Hello fellow foxes"....
  8. He is long ago a Chaser @Zulfahmi and @Didas don't understand why you again and again write to Phil or the Fellow Foxes after searching announces from players?! Phil or the members of the Fellow Foxes are pretty sure not searching for an new gang like your's and mine
  9. Hello Lightaddict We are the CHASING CATS an active gang ranked Top 100 in Purris. We are always looking for active players like you. Come join us at: or Email:
  10. Hi adetogne, Hi Don, still looking for an active gang? We are the CHASING CATS active and motivated players from prestige 7 to 1. Language is english / german No requirements needed - just being friendly, active and having fun! This morning our CK / PURRIS ranking was #68 Want to join? or discord: One slot left.
  11. We are new gang since this year and because of this we stayed only around 70 days in meoscow. We were in in district 9 and finally we were on place 174. Some more days left and we reached the TOP 100 - but no reward for us See you all in purris! We are german - there the city is called "schnurris" See you there
  12. It would be helpful if the gang leader could decide which team members should get access to use the public rewards from uncle tony (peek and exchange) and which not. There are often unexpected or new gang-members who are thinking: Oh cool there is peek available then i use it now ->And then the important gang-reward is gone. So it would be helpful if the gang leader could decide that. Greetz, caridinho
  13. Hi Twilight! We are the Chasing Cats A german/english gang who is straightly coming up...meoscow actually district 9 place #196 and earning trophys 5000+/per round with 24 hardworking players from prestige 1-6. If you want to be our cat #25: or send an email Greetz, caridinho
  14. Hi Mitch! Viele Erfolg mit Deiner Gang! Für den Fall, das ihr noch nicht so viele seit. Wir sind ne deutsche Gang, mit aktuell 22 sehr aktiven Kätzchen. Ist schwer immer konstant 25 gleich aktive zu haben, daher sind wir aktuell"nur" 22. Miauskau sind wir Stufe 60 kurz vor Bezirk 9 und wie verhauen auch die großen Jungs hehe bisher nur 2 Niederlagen ansonsten alle platt gemacht Die neue City werden wir rocken....überlegs Dir, falls Du/Ihr Bock darauf habt: Wir sind die Chasing Cats Viele Grüße, caridinho ansonsten viel Erfolg, vllt. stehen wir uns ja mal gegenüber^^
  15. I think there is another case that should be considered if two or more players have the same medal count. All that you wrote above is about you make the medal count with only one machine. You can make you medal counts with two or three machines too. For Example we look on Phils post from June 9th - three players have medal count 10: Maybe the player on pos 3 made 10 in row with only one machine - place 3 Maybe phil on pos 4 made 9 in row with machine 1 and one win with machine 2 - medal count is ten - place 4 Maybe the player on pos 5 made 8 in row with machine 1 and 2 wins with machine 2 - medal count is ten too - place 5 -> Nobody knows how much machines the other players have used for reaching their medal count -> because you only see the summary. You only know for sure how you made your own personal medal counts Don't know what rules Zeptolap uses for medal counting. But maybe this case got some influence. Greetz caridinho