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  1. So that's the question. The most common scenario is when we've got people split in 3:1 shares. So when you bet on on a favourite, you get 1% bonus in case of victory, when you bet on a loser and it wins you get 3%. So what's your strategy?
  2. Boosts and better parts will help you to stop asking weird questions.
  3. No clans please. Tired of clashing!
  4. It's easy to exploit. Doing so right now BTW who the hell are creators?
  5. I'm here from Clash Royale. It was fun, however it's a grind like hell. This game looks easy and casual. Exactly what I need now to combine with my real life.
  6. I've managed to make 27 wins in a row with that. This is game ruining feature, but I hope you won't fix it in near future.
  7. Can I win money or something in CATS? Or maybe at least some gems?