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  1. Hy, looking for a nice active gang, My prestig is 4 Thanks! Didas
  2. Hello fellow cats STILL LOOKING FOR A GOOD, SOLID AND FUN GANG? If you're eager to have more fun and more experience Join Us PUSS N BOTS
  3. i cant join, my prestige is 3, and the min in your gang now 4
  4. my game name is Didas
  5. hy, have free place in your gang? my prestige 3
  6. thanks gays, i find a great gang
  7. Hy. Looking for a city King active gang! my prestig is 2. i prefer gang in the district 8! Thanks!
  8. Hy, i want join an active gang. My gang is inaktive so i want go another. My prestige 1, and i prefer prestige 1, stage 30 gang! My game name Didas! Thanks!