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  1. I used photoshop, which I use for all 2 graphics I do. This is probably not the best thing to do when looking for this type of outcome, but as I don't often work on 2D clean design like that, I don't need a tool to work on these.
  2. The weight is a passive gadget that increase the mass of your vehicle to reduce effect of knockdown and have higher health that average gadgets. The way it act is simply working the opposite way as a lifter baloon on your car, meaning the position of the weight affect the way your vehicle react. Additionnaly to the movement resistance, your wheels will also be slowed : the smaller is the wheel, the harder it will to move when weight are equiped. Pros : - counter lifter/forklift if well positionned -reduce knockback from shotgun -more HP than other gadgets Cons : - reduce the effectiveness of wheels and thrusters - wrong placement can harm your build
  3. "F2P" is an acronym for "Free to Play", basically a game that you don't need to buy in order to play, but that generally have some ingame transactions like gems in C.A.T.S that cost real money.
  4. Sadly, in this type of F2P game, only a really small part of the player base pay and this small part pay a lot and represent most of the income the game make. This mean giving more incentive for them to pay, in this case, grow your opponents strength with yours so you spend more money on boxes and release a lot of time limited offers, is necessary to keep these player and get money for the game to live. A lot of F2P games are in a very delicate position where they want to make a game fun to play but also need to make money so they must do some stuff that encourage players to pay at the cost of a not so fun game for non-paying players.
  5. If you play C.A.T.S and care about ultimate machines, you should know how akward Ultimate Toolboxes are. I make this topic to solve point out the issues, suggest solutions and discuss about them. But first, let's point out how they work and why it's a problem : Ultimated toolbox are obtained from City Kings. They only work on Ultimate League and All Stars (not City Kings). They increase damage/health of a part by 10-40% during 12-24h depending on the box. Multiple toolbox can't stack and will only refresh duration. They cost 11 to hundreds of purple tickets depending on the rarity of both toolbox and part you use. Following these informations, Ultimate toolboxs are a temporary buff up to +40% of any part stats that cost purple tickets which is a valuable resource for long term upgrade on your parts. This means you slowing your long term upgrade for temporary buff which could seems good BUT the buff don't apply to City Kings, which is the main place you upgrade your Ultimate Machines for.... So basically, Ultimate Toolboxes are not worth using until you reach max level on all the parts you use and end up stacking as maxing a part is insanely long. To solve this, my idea is to make Ultimate Toolboxes a bit more progression friendly, the idea is to make these toolbox act as a universal part to fill the part of your choice; So let's imagine you have a wheel you want to upgrade that require 3 duplicates to ugrade but only have 1/3, you could use 2 Ultimate Toolboxes to act as duplicate, reach 3/3 and upgrade it. Of course, this would make the progression a lot faster so it need some balance, in my mind the would act like this : Ultimate Toolboxes are separated by rarity and a part need the matching toolbox rarity be upgarded. Ultimate Toolboxes are separated by part type (chassis, weapon, wheel, gadget) and a part need the matching toolbox type to be upgraded. Ultimate Toolboxes cost purple ticket depending the rarity, and current part level. Ultimate Toolboxes can be sold for purple tickets. The cost depend on their rarity. With those changes, I think people would have more incentive to play City Kings while making the RNG less frustrating as you could upgrade the parts you want with toolboxes without making the rare ones too easy to upgrade because of the rarity system. This also make the event parts P2W less a thing because owning one is enough to level it up at max level if you take time to farm for Ultimate Toolboxes and purple tickets. In case the guaranteed Ultimate Toolbox on City King win is a problem for balanced, reducing their drop chance from 100% to something lower and fill the rest with purple tickets would be a good solution but I think the rarity + part type is enough as it leave you with 20 possible differents drop which can be ajusted in a way you get the "bad ones" drop more often, like making standard wheel Toolboxes a lot more common than oustanding chassis/weapon toolbox.
  6. Adding a money cost doesn't necessarily make it balanced. I think this idea would actually reduce de machine diversity because currently, (almost) everything have upside and down side, encourage players to choose what's best suit their build. Allowing part fusing like that, even if there is some sort of balance, would make choices less difficult and let a "perfect build" exist. Adding more parts with interesting mechanics is something Zeptolab could do but this require a lot of balancing and introduce a whole new system like this could lead to enormous unbalance.
  7. Not sure it's a real problem, it's a bit bigger than most of body and it can be one the specifity of this one. Anyways, if it's a problem, it can always be tweaked. At least, this is not a problem that would directly prevent the set to be added to the game.
  8. Thanks you for the comments ! I used photoshop, but it's probably not the best to use for that type of work, it's just that I use always photoshop for all my 2D art. If you want more precision about the tools I used in photoshop, I mainly used the polygonal lasso to draw polygonal shapes and the ellipse selection to draw circles. I used a lot of clipping mask and to keep everything clean, for example I made the green pattern separately and added it as a clipping mask to each part. For the colors I also used a lot the luminosity/contrast and hue/saturation settings to ensure colors were matching well and adding more/less contrast at some location to make the metal shine better. To be honest, this was quite challenging because the C.A.T.S design is really unique and really far from what I usually do, but was a fun experience and may do more concept in the future.
  9. This is my first C.A.T.S concept (and also my first post on this forum) so let me know if you have any suggestions or idea to improve the idea. The Warthog is an heavy Ultimate set balanced to counter melee based machine but its huge hitbox make it very vulnerable to multi-projectile weapons or thrown gadgets. As its a concept and not a final set that will be added to the game, I decided to push the limits and give each part a unique feature, fitting what we already have in the game. The forum being quite bugged when posting to much pictures and spoilers, I put all the detail into a google doc page that I will link there :