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  1. Adding a money cost doesn't necessarily make it balanced. I think this idea would actually reduce de machine diversity because currently, (almost) everything have upside and down side, encourage players to choose what's best suit their build. Allowing part fusing like that, even if there is some sort of balance, would make choices less difficult and let a "perfect build" exist. Adding more parts with interesting mechanics is something Zeptolab could do but this require a lot of balancing and introduce a whole new system like this could lead to enormous unbalance.
  2. Not sure it's a real problem, it's a bit bigger than most of body and it can be one the specifity of this one. Anyways, if it's a problem, it can always be tweaked. At least, this is not a problem that would directly prevent the set to be added to the game.
  3. Thanks you for the comments ! I used photoshop, but it's probably not the best to use for that type of work, it's just that I use always photoshop for all my 2D art. If you want more precision about the tools I used in photoshop, I mainly used the polygonal lasso to draw polygonal shapes and the ellipse selection to draw circles. I used a lot of clipping mask and to keep everything clean, for example I made the green pattern separately and added it as a clipping mask to each part. For the colors I also used a lot the luminosity/contrast and hue/saturation settings to ensure colors were matching well and adding more/less contrast at some location to make the metal shine better. To be honest, this was quite challenging because the C.A.T.S design is really unique and really far from what I usually do, but was a fun experience and may do more concept in the future.
  4. This is my first C.A.T.S concept (and also my first post on this forum) so let me know if you have any suggestions or idea to improve the idea. The Warthog is an heavy Ultimate set balanced to counter melee based machine but its huge hitbox make it very vulnerable to multi-projectile weapons or thrown gadgets. As its a concept and not a final set that will be added to the game, I decided to push the limits and give each part a unique feature, fitting what we already have in the game. The forum being quite bugged when posting to much pictures and spoilers, I put all the detail into a google doc page that I will link there :