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  1. I randomly got a free Super Weapons Box, but how. I don't understand why, does anyone know?
  2. Weapons Homing gun at prestige 1 stage 15 (1 shot every 2.5 seconds) Prestige 2 stage 5 Bomb thrower at prestige 1 stage 22 (three bombs every 5 seconds). Prestige 2 stage 10 Gadgets Slow motion repulse, (When the machine collides into the repulse, slow montion is on) Prestige 2 stage 20 Balloon (Makes the machine fly in the height of a Bigfoot and fall when the balloon gets shot) Prestige 1 stage 10 Fuel Generator (Makes a machine automatically move forward) Prestige 5 stage 20 Body Tank (Only gets lifted by a forklift and a lifter) Prestige 1 stage 5 Train (Doesn't need wheels to move, it only needs a fuel generator, the Train can't get lifted) Prestige 5 stage 20 Wheels Anti-Gravity Wheels Prestige 1 Nuclear powered wheels ( 5x as fast as the scooter) Prestige 10
  3. @KittyKitty, perhaps 50% of getting 2 gems from every box/crate. Gem mines will make easy gems, which means ZeptoLab will lose a fortune.
  4. I really like the idea
  5. Very cool, can you tell me what digital art software you used?
  6. Poll
  7. How about a weapon based on the KoT trap, the Bloodhound? A cannon that shoots a Bloodhound which hits the machine, the only way the machine can dodge it is to make the machine afloat, and to make it fair, the Bloodhound Cannon - that's a 5 star carbon - only does 12,000 DMG. A two star carbon chainsaw does 36,342 DMG. So the Bloodhound Cannon sounds very overpowered, however low in DMG (damage). By the way, KoT is made by ZeptoLab as well as C.A.T.S