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  1. this is basically flipper Not a booster. Maybe we can have like a down booster and up booster.
  2. Maybe i will work kinda like a wheel. I mean it can probably have a hitbox so in contact it can push the other vehicle in the way its spinning
  3. I saw some videos of the game when it was in early stage. And it had the possibility to get a copy of an enemy's part after defeat. It can be interesting having that again.
  4. When i got the update i thought that the hats and glasses (or masks) are separate and you will be able to use both of them. I would love to be able to have hat and glasses at the same time.
  5. I think if you have more options to see the health and other parameters will be cool. Health: You can make the health bar be on top of the vehicle because it sometimes it can be a bit confusing if the cars swich places. Having persent or the actual number be shown. Mass: I know that there is a difference in weight on every part. It can be good if we can se the overall mass , center of mass and the mass of every single part individually. Skips: It will show you how much skips for the boxes you have left. It can be pretty useful.
  6. They will probably stop before you fall on them. And even if you fall on them they will do no damage.
  7. Maybe you get them only as a reward for prestige
  8. It can be cool.
  9. I really hate that the game gives a lot of power toolboxes which are cheap to sell and kinda pointless. All of the power toolboxes give you just 1 energy and it's really pointles having high tier ones because they will cost you a lot to even use 2 on a body. At least make them be able to lower power consumpsion on a part then they will have some more use. I have probably used like 7 of them though my entire gameplay and i am stage 23 on prestige 1. And i have like 20 of them right now
  10. I had this idea for a while. There to be really rare toolboxes that can double you already existing damage, power or health. Like if you have 30132 dmg or health, it will become 60264.
  11. Yeah it could be awesome.
  12. I would really love the physics after battle not to just stop. I really hate when after a battle the vehicles just freezes in the air. It will be great the physics to continue working and the wheels to just stop but it will still be able to fall. And after explosion to be like a small knockback like from a repulsor but less. It will make the game more realistic.
  13. Something like a machine gun or minigun will be cool. They will have really small delay between shots but whit snall amount of damage per hit. I think it will be unlocked on prestige 2 or 3 or other stage.
  14. I have the same problem a lot of times. the last day i had the same problem but on different stage, But i just garbage and a stupid power toolbox and i have like 13 of them.
  15. Yeah It will be AWESOME if they do that.