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  1. with the research the rockets, boosters or however it is called needs improvement. A lot of settings only work if you did not go into the research to make them stronger. Even worse in allstars with gravity modificators they might be the ultimate killer for your own settings so I would highly recommend that once someone upgraded this skill he can just select the power of the boosters to get settings back to work again. An additional addon would be to allow to set an delay time for them so you could play more with settings like first moving towards your enemy and then after digging the teeth into his machine push the button to toss him around. I think this could be a huge thing for tactics and settings
  2. honestly I was shocked that watching an add would only give me a 30 min discount when opening boxes... I nevertheless "watch" the adds to the daily limit but I don't think that it's really worth it... The game should earn enough by adds alone to maintain the running costs..
  3. I've been playing CATS for a while now and I think there is a serious problem with the rewards the game hands out. I really liked how the Ultimate Parts were distributed with the PINS in the HotWheel-Event but every other aspect in the game seems pretty much: Be strongt to get stronger. While this might be okay at some point there is a huge discrepancy between the rewards of "young" accounts and the rewards of the "old accounts" and it does not matter how active you are - there won't be a chance that you will beat the people above your level. Sure you can try to keep up but you will only be able to overtake those who became inactive. With all the Events like All Stars the stong guys just become stronger while the others can only claim a fragment of the parts that others can reach... And even worse: There are Bot-Accounts mixed into the real players so you don't really can trust the game to cheat even more on you to get you to pay for boxes... We have a really insane guy in our guild who spent a lot of real money into the game only to find that his opponents grow along with him... coincidence? probably not... What this game really needs is a greater factor of "be active to win". If activity does not equalize overpowered machines in the All Stars or League then it feels something is broken to me - or at least it is not designed towards a free2play model. But since you do not get the same opponents with better machines it is even not a pay2win model... So why should people pay if it does not change their chances to win? The only chance those people will get is being able to join a top 50 gang to grab even more rewards... But honestly you should not be forced to play with the people who pay the most but you should play with people you like to play with for the sake of it being a game... so please, dear support - raise the rewards for those events where a single players activity counts (championship (or however it is called in english), league) and lower the other rewards (city kings, allstars) but don't betray us with us having to fight bot accounts with adjusted strength...
  4. We have now the case that this seems untrue... While being spied we have had this setting: and then after a while the opponent took another of our cars... see where he landed: So it seems there is a bit more involved
  5. Thanks. I was hoping for a bit more challenging system but at least we can do a bit more tactics with this information I think the people not being online is not a big issue... Even if they were online - repairing is way too expensive and free repairs are limited
  6. I am wondering how the placement of machines is working in city kings. How is determined where a machinge will stand after attacking? How will all the others be moved around if one of them is defeated? Will the new defender always be in the front? always in the rear? Is it dependant on whom they destroyed to get into the building? Is there any research on this?
  7. It's really sad that this is not a permanent change. It would add a lot of tactics to the stupid "burn the tickets that you get asap" People could save up more for an upcoming round or play as usual just as they please...
  8. Hey, I'm a german player who feels unlucky with his random gang picks. Either they are already pretty inactive or they turn rather inactive. So I want to try something new where I a m not necessarly the most active person in the gang. I am on Prestige 2 (stage 20) - working towards 3 currently. My legendary machines currently all have 16k+ health. I am logging in multiple times per day and my current rank in best players is #6485 (going up pretty fast). Obviously I can speak english as well but if it is not needed that I understand the spoken language I have no problems joining a different language gang.
  9. I had suggested this on twitter as well. I think this is one of the most under-estimated things. People probably don't want to do so much slow swiping through all the parts. Just "select all below 5 green star quality - include/exclude legendary parts" and go. It would be so much better with this!
  10. maybe it's a stupid question but what is the point of getting a long streak?