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  3. so links but 5 replies? i really want Nothing else than...STICKER PICTURES XP
  4. i dont know but there will clearly be Something new in the else could he have got this picture? THELORDOFCAM
  5. sure thx for your reply but what i mean is that i need sticker pictures IN MY FILES (to say fair i want them for my personnal needs becuse i always wanted to test all the sticker combos like you say) but i can't find any pictures on internet and its REALLY annoying but still thx to take time of your day to reply my post \_(^=^)_/
  6. It would be REALLY apreciated if ANYONE could post at least ONE sticker picture and THANX for poeples who take time from their day to find a link
  7. I'm searching for sticker pictures so i have a challenge for anyone interested...its simple you have only to find all stickers in the game and show them all on multiple pictures (not all on the same picture) OR...create a new sticker that look like a legit one (like if it was in the game by default) one so i just have to say now...GOOD LUCK ;D Ps: I need these to make art but i can't find any on Google Image
  8. it is so hard to find a sticker picture that it should be a youtoube challenge (thanx for any replies including a good link)
  9. I can't find any single sticker picture on internet. Can anyone help me find a link or a wiki page were I can find all stickers in the gamepls