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  1. Scooter, Your best bet is to submit a Support ticket with information describing the issue.
  2. Here's a collection of CATS communities and websites. Community CATS Discord: CATS Telegram: CATS Facebook: CATS Reddit: Gang Websites Baby Sharks Badazzes: NonPrestigers: Gang Discord Servers Baby Sharks: Box Raiders: Captain Cats: Chasing Cats: Cougar Tracks: Dog Bones: -Fat Cats-: Indian Hero: LFHGang: Mashed Potatoes: Non PresTigers: NP Cubs: OGW: Sexy Dragons: Shots Fired: W0lverines: Official Sites Website: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: VK: App Download: Any others I'm missing?
  3. I use a free application for editing images on the PC, called ( It's not as powerful as Photoshop, but you can't beat the price
  4. Full rules have been posted on Telegram.
  5. Here's something to keep us busy while Zepto works on Halloween and the new City. Let's test your UL build skills. Damage and Health won’t matter at all. Victory only counts if achieved by wall.