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  1. I don't think the battle could start when the game wants, else if why we would need to enter? But I'm starting to think that also if just one player of the gang sets "ready", the battle could starts. But it's not fair and damages the game! How can I directly ask devs how it works?
  2. Hello guys, I'd like to suggest a couple of ideas for KOTC to keep track of what happens. It would be useful to know who taps "ready" (before it starts) and enlisted (when it starts) for the war and who is online. To know who taps ready there could be a message in chat like "JD is ready for the war"; to know who is enlisted there could be a sign in the gang list like a small sword; to know who is online, there could be a green dot near his name in the gang list. The biggest issue is that the gang plans to start the war at a certain time, but we suddenly find in war without knowing who has enlisted. And that's a problem because we cannot kick everyone. I think these simple features could ease understanding who is active and who plays following the gang rules.