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  1. i know that you're kicked out from your gang after getting trophies, did this really happen? also you're kicked out from your gang in a weird way? how was the kick anyway i think it's your phone itself due to causing problems try to reinstall the game
  2. hi everyone i saw a player in the ultimate machine he has a interesting weapon a bear face when i start the battle a meteor dropped at me how do you get this weapon?
  3. can you see any lower case letters in the forums? the forums uses the game's font but i didn't see any lower case font in this forum
  4. why are there stickers in the game? stickers are the mostly useless thing in the game how did the devs added these stickers?
  5. someone please?
  6. creating nonsense topics is not allowed here, a moderator can ban you on this forum do you read the forum rules? you need to read the rules first before making topics
  7. Nope this is the default in the forums, you can see the forums emotes by clicking in the smiley icon near the code icon if you're on mobile you can click in the emoji icon and insert an emoji in there, if you're expressing for something
  8. everytime i paste a topic link it's shows a purple background and some cats in this image anyone what's happening?
  9. Type: Regular Weapon Description/Bio: a cannon that shoots bombs that looks like cherry, it is light and pushes the opponent backwards
  10. a lot of english dictionaries are sold in amazon,ebay etc. they introduce the punctation and commas why you stopped to learn english or even read english dictionaries let's put a full stop period on your grammar and also english words comes on your head for intelligence
  11. Okay 👌, Halloween is already over
  12. candies please 🍭🍬
  13. do i see "Nyallimee" it's something rip offed i guess